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Complete the home decor of your kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms – or even the garage, mancave or she-shed with ArtisanHD high definition custom wallpaper.

You’re sure to get the wow factor with a decorative look when showing off the wallpaper that you designed. Sometimes a big poster just isn’t enough, you have to cover the whole wall!

  • Create commercial-grade custom wallpaper graphics
  • Choose from adhesive vinyl or traditional graphic wallpaper
  • Fully customize your home or office decor
  • Custom sizes and custom shapes are available
  • Highly durable, can be installed anywhere
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Design Your Own Wallpaper, Print It Today

With high definition custom wallpaper printing from ArtisanHD, your walls come alive with long-lasting, vibrant color! Our digital printing process uses fade-resistant latex-based inks. Wallpaper or vinyl wall art clings offer long-lasting color that is ideal for residential, commercial, and fine art installations.

Create custom wallpaper, personalized photo wall murals, or removable vinyl wall art clings to fully transform and customize your space. Print up to 120 inches (10 feet) wide and 360 inches (30 feet) long to fit any space you have in mind. Custom shapes are also available.

Some popular applications of custom printed wallpaper:

  • Kitchen and bathrooms – waterproof, easy to clean and long-lasting.
  • Bedrooms, living and dining rooms – add the wow-factor and design for the perfect interior design touch.
  • Garages and basements – instantly makes any garage or basement look like a finished room.

“Simply the best. Great client services, great people, and great products.”

Dan M.

Waterproof Vinyl Wallpaper Wrap

Removable Vinyl Wall Art Clings

Removable vinyl wallpaper is a simple peel-and-stick process. These vinyl art clings are ideal for temporary displays where you do not want to alter the wall surface permanently. Great for interior or exterior applications, adhesive vinyl sticks to most wall finishes and can also be used for vehicle wraps.

Traditional Wallpaper

Create Your Own High Definition Traditional Wallpaper with ArtisanHD Custom Wallpaper Printing

We also offer our high definition custom wallpaper printing direct to commercially-rated traditional wallpaper, which ships rolled and hangs just like any standard wallpaper – applied with brushes and paste. We don’t offer installation services and would recommend hiring professional wallpaper installers for the best results.

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    Have questions about our custom wallpaper?

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    Do you offer custom self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper and traditional wallpaper?2017-09-22T11:04:12-07:00

    Yes! ArtisanHD offers custom self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper and traditional commercial wallpaper. Show off your favorite memories, and make your space entirely personalized.

    Create a larger-than-life design, mural, or business branding. Or, complete your mancave, fancave, bedrooms, or even the garage with ArtisanHD high definition custom wallpaper.

    Vinyl Wallpaper vs Traditional Wallpaper

    Our self-adhesive vinyl wallpaper is highly durable. Self-adhesive vinyl is simply stuck onto walls or other surfaces. Vibrant colors and high durability make this a great choice for any internal or external wall application.

    We also offer traditional, commercially-rated wallpaper. Traditional wallpaper is applied with brushes and paste. Wallpaper comes rolled, ready for hanging. We do recommend hiring a professional for this type of installation.

    Check out our Custom Wallpaper Product Page for more information.

    What’s The Difference Between Wallpaper, Wall Wraps or Wall Murals?2023-09-22T11:10:21-07:00

    The main difference between traditional wallpaper and wall wraps or murals is that wall wraps and murals are typically printed using advanced printing presses that can use ultra-durable ink and allow for greater detail for image fidelity.

    Artisan HD makes it possible for you to use digital technology to create custom vinyl wall wraps and custom photo murals for personal use in your home or office. We print images from your favorite photographs or art in large format, on self-adhesive vinyl. The result is a stunning high definition art display in beautiful, vivid colors. It’s a very unique way to decorate.

    Ideas For Wall Wraps Or Murals As Decoration

    Anywhere there’s a wall there’s an opportunity to add a wall wrap or mural that transforms the space. When to use wall wraps — consider factors such as the size of the space, the lighting conditions, the existing decor, and the intended message or atmosphere you want to convey.

    Business and Retail

    • Impactful Branding: Logos, mission statements, brand colors, or on-brand art as wallpaper is an easy way to reinforce your brand in your office or retail space.
    • Product Displays That Pop: Catch customer’s attention, engage their eyes, and showcase products with large graphic wraps that take up an entire wall.
    • Inspirational Quotes: Keep the team motivated and customers inspired by incorporating motivational quotes or messages that resonate with your business’ values.
    • Themed Environments: Design your space to match your industry or create a specific atmosphere that aligns with your brand identity.

    Educational & Institutional

    • Classroom Wall Coverings: Things like maps, timelines, and diagrams enhance a classroom’s decor by covering wall space that is otherwise unoccupied.
    • Museum Exhibits: Add to the immersive experience of a museum exhibit by providing additional context and visuals with wall wraps.
    • Healthcare Settings: Create soothing and calming environments with nature-themed wall wraps in waiting rooms or patient areas.

    Special Event Decor

    • Photo Booths: Custom photo booth backdrops for events help make the moments memorable and special.
    • Themed Events: Enhance the atmosphere of your event with themed wall wraps that match the occasion.
    • Step and Repeat: Feature sponsor logos or event branding on a wall wrap used as a step-and-repeat backdrop for red carpet events or tradeshows.

    Restaurants & Cafes

    • Menu Displays: Showcase your menu in a creative and dynamic way using wall wraps.
    • Culinary Themes: Decorate your space with food-themed wall wraps that reflect your cuisine’s style.
    • Ambiance Enhancement: Use wall wraps to set the mood and ambiance of your establishment, whether it’s cozy, vibrant, or elegant.

    Home Decor & Interior Design

    • Feature Wall: Create a focal point in a room by applying a wall wrap with a captivating design or an artistic mural.
    • Nature Themes: Bring the outdoors inside with wall wraps depicting landscapes, forests, oceans, or cityscapes.
    • 3D Illusions: Use wall wraps to create the illusion of depth, adding a unique dimension to your space.
    • Kids’ Rooms: Choose playful and colorful wall wraps featuring favorite characters, animals, or fantasy themes.

    This material can also be used for vehicle wraps. The “decals” on race cars, buses, and trucks, for example, are some of the commercial uses of custom wall wraps. These wraps are printed in high definition using fade-resistant UV Eco Solvent-protected inks.

    What Defines A Custom Print As Large Format?2023-09-22T10:47:42-07:00

    Large format prints are reprints of digital photographs, graphics, or art produced on specially designed wide-format printers. Most printers consider anything over thirty-six inches as a “large format.”

    What Art Mediums Are Best For Large Prints?

    Advanced large format printers can print on a variety of mediums including:

    • Canvas
    • Acrylic
    • Photo paper
    • Vinyl
    • Metal

    The best for a given application depends on your budget, intended use, and personal taste. All of these mediums offer different advantages and aesthetics and will work great in most applications so it’s difficult to to say one is definitively better than the others.

    Canvas and metal are the premium options with canvas being the preferred option for the home, whereas metal is used in public spaces. Acrylic, photo paper, and vinyl are more affordable options and can be used for similar applications. Acrylic, vinyl, and metal are considered more durable but for most applications, outside of heavily publically trafficked areas, all of these mediums are a durable option.

    What Types Of Printers Are Used To Make Very Large Prints?

    The best large format printing is done using cutting-edge inkjet printers. These printers not only accommodate larger sizes but also use advanced inks to render detailed and exact replicas of the original. The inks are specially formulated to provide the perfect color, the right amount of luster, fade resistance, and scratch resistance.

    What Are The Most Common Large Format Print Applications?

    You can order extra large format prints online for several residential or commercial applications. At ArtisanHD you can order prints anywhere from thirty-six inches in width to over one hundred inches in length. The most common applications include:

    • Posters
    • Vinyl Banners
    • Murals
    • Wallpaper
    • Signage
    • Billboards
    • Wall Hangings
    • Window Art
    Custom Large Format Plexi

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      Carol K.

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      Carol K.

      I just received 3 wallpaper prints and the quality is excellent! I put in an unusual order–family photos blown up to large size to stick to the wall as wallpaper. The staff called me to make sure I understood the product (people usually order forest or nature scenes, etc.)

      In my case, I ordered family photos so my 92 year old mother, whose sight is not as good as it once was, could have the reassurance of friendly family faces surrounding her where she is in skilled nursing. The staff person from ArtisanHD helped me figure out what finish would work best. The photos are beautiful. I had ordered a similar photo from another company some time ago and the quality can’t hold a candle to ArtisanHD.

      ArtisanHD also made sure this was delivered to me in time to put these up in my mom’s room for Mothers Day. A big thank you to them for all their assistance and for the quality of their work.

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    ArtisanHD Customer Reviews

    As the owner of a small startup company, I looked around The Valley and online for professional high quality printed products. Other solutions always seemed to come with a tradeoff: poor customer service, product size constraints, high pricing and volume, or even bad finish quality. Working with Mike and his team I was able to produce the high quality unique products at competitive prices that I was looking for without compromise. Their knowledgeable customer service was phenomenal! We were even able to find solutions to some of the more complex printing and finishing requirements I needed. I’ll definitely be working with them again on future projects!
    I recently sold one of my Digital Art pieces and the team at ArtisanHD have the complete package really sorted out! They are a friendly, client orientated and totally professional team who happen to produce spectacular prints as well! Thanks guys for keeping everyone very happy!
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dale B.Dale B.
    Fantastic staff, fantastic facilities, second to none product quality output. I feel like you're my secret weapon.
    Beautiful print work and customer service of the highest order – you'll be so thrilled with how well you're treated, and how they'll go the extra mile to make sure you're happy and satisfied with the final result.
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Denise S.Denise S.
    It's rare I find a company today where the customer service, quality and pricing meet most every need I'm looking for. It's even rarer to find those companies where the staff are not only willing to meet those expectations, but surpass them. In a very stressful situation I created for myself, the staff at Artisan went out of their way to help me find a answer to my predicament. Their team worked with me to find a fast solution pulling me out of a situation I knew very few companies would go out of their way to solve. It's those actions I use to choose who I will send my next job. The service was awesome! The quality was awesome! Their staff was Awesome!
    Raegan S.
    Artisan Colour is the most creative, talented and friendly place to print and mind meld.  I have been satisfied with every experience I have had with them.  Front end to delivery topnotch.  So glad I was directed to them.
    Adrienne M.
    Simply the best. Great client services, great people, and great products.
    ArtisanHD Online Photo Printing Review – Dan M.Dan M.
    When I inadvertently shipped a limited edition print to a customer before signing it, Artisan was quick to have it rerouted back to their facility to resolve my issue. When I then showed up during the holiday season –– right before New Year's Eve –– I was met by no less than the company's president, Doug Bondon, who was genuinely happy to assist me and get my order on its way in a matter of minutes. Folks, this is what topnotch, white glove service really looks like. Outstanding!
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