29th Mar 2019

Photoshop World Of Artistry: Artist Interview

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The Photoshop world is quite an extensive one. From photo editing to graphic design. The possibilities to create original works of art are truly limitless.

6th Jul 2018

How to Avoid Poor Print Results When Resizing Images

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Don't be disappointed by a low-quality print! While megabytes and pixels dimensions are very important, don't be fooled by a quick up-res when resizing images.

15th Jan 2018

Frequently Asked Printing Question – Do You Use ICC Profiles?

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We are often asked if we have or need ICC Profiles. Since we use a laser-exposed true archival photo media, using ICC in this case is the wrong approach.

22nd Sep 2017

Autumn Digital Art Prints – An ArtBoja Fall Decor Highlight

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Looking for some season-appropriate decor? Check out our autumn-themed digital art prints on ArtBoja.com.

1st Sep 2017

Digital Art Photography – Creating Custom Panoramic Prints with ArtisanHD

2017-10-12T10:24:31-07:00September 1st, 2017|Categories: Adobe Photoshop, ArtisanHD, Cameras and Camera Accessories, Large Format, Photo Gifts, Photo Murals, Photography, Professional Printing|

At ArtisanHD, we specialize in printing XL and digital art photography, which means you can get the best bang for your buck with custom panoramic prints.

16th Aug 2017

Just how big is a pixel anyway? Tips for high resolution printing.

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It's not about the size of a pixel, it's more about how you use it (them) and how they transfer over to a high resolution printing process.

6th May 2017

Custom Fine Art Photography by Gabriel Olude – An Interview with an ArtBoja Contributor

2018-07-25T16:45:12-07:00May 6th, 2017|Categories: Adobe Photoshop, Art, ArtBoja, ArtisanHD, Photography, Wall Art|

Check out ArtisanHD's interview with Nigerian Artist, Gabriel Olude. His deep passion and love for photography is evident in his custom fine art photography.

21st Apr 2017

Custom Fine Art Prints by Charlie O’Brien – An Interview with an ArtBoja Contributor

2017-08-01T15:47:57-07:00April 21st, 2017|Categories: Adobe Photoshop, Art, ArtBoja, Photography, Wall Art|

Check out the ArtisanHD interview with ArtBoja international custom fine art prints contributor, Charlie O'Brien. This month's featured digital artist!

22nd Nov 2016

Great News for Art Lovers and Great Printing for Artists!

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After many weeks of collaborative discussion and late night emails crackling with ideas and concepts, we arrived at what is now ArtBoja.com.