1st Jul 2010

Fonts created from everyday objects

2017-09-21T22:02:57-07:00July 1st, 2010|Categories: Design, Graphic Design, Photography, Typography|

The people at HandMadeFont.com combine photography and typography to create custom font sets. They take everyday objects, like toast, rose pedals, oil, grass, and even cheese to construct unique letters, then photograph them to transfer the font sets in to a digital format. The result is not your dad's Helvetica. These real life fonts are [...]

1st Aug 2007

Helvetica and beyond

2017-09-21T22:44:53-07:00August 1st, 2007|Categories: Design, Graphic Design, Typography|

This poster would be a perfect addition to any graphic design office. Even if you can't read the language, I am sure you are familiar with Helvetica. It is a great collection that showcases the history of Swiss graphic design. The high-res pdf generously supplied for download can produce a pretty large poster. Hmmm....I think [...]

1st Jul 2007


2015-10-06T21:53:51-07:00July 1st, 2007|Categories: Advertising, Design, Graphic Design, Marketing, Typography|

This video put together by Ryan Uhrich and Marcos Ceravolo at the Vancouver Film School is a entertaining illustration on how typography is used in design. The placement of text is a key part of what makes an effective visual graphic. If done wrong, the impact and your emphasis are lost. It is a well [...]