Well the temperature has broken 100 degrees for three straight days and that can only mean that summer has arrived in the Valley of the Sun. So, between the economy and the weather, it’s not easy for creative folks like us to get inspired.

Since we’re spending gobs of time trying social media as a way to drum up some business we here at Artisan Colour / Display Graphics have found a cool site where creative minds can present ideas. You know that many times it just takes a thought or an idea from someone to ignite the passion within. The site we found is appropriately named Ignite-Phoenix.com.

Ignite Phoenix is an information exchange aimed at fostering and inspiring Phoenix’s creative community. On Tuesday, June 16th. Ignite Phoenix will be having it’s fourth event at the Tempe Center for the Arts. While that event is more than a month away these folks are opening up submissions for the event right now. so get fired up and ignite the creative passions from within.

We are excited to announce that Ignite Phoenix will be returning to the gorgeous Tempe Center for the Arts for our fourth event on Tuesday, June 16th. The overwhelming turnout for Ignite #3 in February forced us to alter our plans, as we needed a venue that could hold 400+ people. Thanks to support from the City of Tempe and some generous sponsors, we will be in the TCA’s gorgeous 600 seat theater!

Ignite Phoenix has come a long way since the the first “I Wonder If Anyone Will Show Up” event last August, and from now on our goal is have the next Ignite scheduled and posted as soon as a previous event wraps up. We will also open up submissions immediately, so you can submit an idea any time it strikes you. The only time submissions will be closed will be during the judging period right before an event.

If you have an idea you would like to submit for Ignite Phoenix #4, just visit our Submission Page.