Photoshop Deblur Tool is in Development

At the recent Adobe MAX 2011 conference, Jue Wang gave a sneak peak at a new tool they are currently developing. As one of the magicians behind the scenes at Photoshop, Jue introduced this new tool that may eliminate blurry pictures forever. As you will see in this video, the crowd was pretty amazed by the demo. The new deblur feature can restore detail, even in text, and is simply mind blowing. They made no promises of when it would release in the Photoshop package. So keep a look out for it in the future!

Photoshop Continues to Change Photography with the new Deblur Tool

Here are some close up shots of an image run through the deblurring filter. The tool does its best to work on fixing camera shake, and not motion blur or out of range focus. (Not yet, anyway.)

Example of Photoshop deblurring tool

They are still in the process of perfecting the tool. So, Jue has set up a site where he is collecting images to use as practice. Having trouble with a blurry image? You can submit your images here.

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