No photographic reproduction can last forever, however, ArtisanHD’s canvas prints can last 100+ years under the right conditions. But what makes canvas so durable? What is it about the ink and printing process that stands the test of time? Let’s dig into the factors that make canvas fine art so long-lasting.

Quality Of Canvas Impacts Longevity

There’s a huge difference between cheap canvas and canvas that can last for decades. Many cheaper canvas photo reproductions use inferior canvas that looks great when it’s first printed but ends up looking shabby over time. So what makes a quality canvas for photos and paintings? Thread count or the tightness of the weave is the biggest factor in canvas quality. Similar to your bedsheets or high-end paper, there are advantages to having a higher thread count

  • No pin holes – Canvas with a low thread count can see “pin-holing” where bits of light can shine through the tiny hole between the fabric.
  • Tighter wrapping – Because quality canvas is stronger it can be more tightly stretched around the subframe, reducing distortions.
  • Thicker fabric – Good canvas is thicker than cheaper canvas, giving it a more professional look and feel in the final product.

Giclee Archival Pigment-Based Inks Last Longest

The highest quality canvas printing method is Giclee which uses a professional-grade ink jet printer with special inks. This printing method and these inks are specially designed for their vibrant look and durability. These advantages include:

  • Greater scratch resistance
  • More resistant to fading than dye-based inks
  • Most popular for museum-quality prints
  • Can have a protective coating added with no loss of luster

For ink to be considered “archival,” it must be designed to withstand weathering and fading and can be used to create the highest quality prints fit for museums and fine art galleries.

Photographic Reproduction that Lasts

Linda Ingraham Lemons ArtisanHD Canvas Image Print Photographic Reproduction

When we print your digital photos on canvas, we use the highest quality canvas available. We produce your prints on large-format Giclee digital printers. This, combined with fine art printing processes, produces canvas photographic reproductions that are second to none.

The reproductions you receive will last for more than a hundred years if kept out of direct sunlight under normal indoor conditions. This means you need to pay attention to where you hang your image if you want the vibrant colors to remain as they are for years to come.

For more information, check out our Custom Canvas page.