Custom Dibond Printing Services

Dibond Printing

There are many reasons to get a photo printed on metal:

  • Modern and Sleek Aesthetic – The metal surface gives the artwork a high-quality and sophisticated appearance.
  • Durability and Longevity – Metal prints are more durable than paper prints – resistant to fading, moisture, and damage from handling.
  • Unique Medium – An unconventional medium can be a perfect fit choice for photography.
  • Minimalist and Clean Presentation – The lack of a frame or glass covering contributes to a minimalist and clean presentation.

But which type of metal print is right? Which type of metal print will give you the look you want?

If you want to give your photo the unmistakable metal print aesthetic, the two most popular options are a dibond metal print or metallic photo paper. They each have their own unique look to them and are better for different applications. We’ll dive into each and explain why you may want to choose one over the other.

Metal Dibond Printing

The metallic effect shows throughout the image; our UV-cured inks are not 100% opaque, which allows the grain and luster of the brushed aluminum Dibond surface to shine through. The lighter the color, the more grain is visible. Once we reach a pure white, you will see the brushed silver surface of the Dibond aluminum panel shine through, giving the print unique highlights and texture. Don’t be afraid to give your creation some attitude – use Dibond printing to take it to the next level. But maybe reconsider that portrait print of Grandma smiling. She’ll end up with silver teeth, and nobody wants that!

Tips on Metal Dibond Photos:

  • Best for photos or artwork with little or no white
  • Portraits or nature photos may not be a good choice
  • Choose images enhanced by the metal sheen, texture, and colors

Metallic Photo Paper

On the other hand, Kodak Metallic HD Photo Paper gives your images an overall pearlescent metallic look, perfect for monochrome photography or bright, colorful images where a bit of extra sparkle and pop is desired. Since this is one of our true photographic processes, you may achieve higher definition and detail over Dibond, but Kodak Metallic HD Photo Paper does not feature any metal grain. White will still be close to white, leaning towards a very light silver tone.

HD Metallic Photo Paper

HD Metallic Photo Paper

Tips For Metallic Photo Paper:

  • Good for monochrome or bright colors
  • Better for high-definition, portraits, and landscapes
  • White color is closer to appearing as white

Metal Dibond Vs. Metallic Prints

There is no right or wrong answer, this is a choice of aesthetics. Both dibond and metallic paper offers a unique metal look to any art print but in different ways, so it really is a question of personal taste. That said there are some factors to consider when making the choice.

  1. Cost: Metallic photo paper prints are generally (though not always) more affordable than Dibond metal prints but don’t come with all the advantages of metal prints.
  2. Framing Options: Metallic photo paper prints can be easily framed using traditional framing methods, allowing for a wide range of framing styles and options whereas Dibond prints can be hung directly on the wall without the need of the frame.
  3. Lighter Weight: Metallic photo paper prints are lighter in weight compared to Dibond metal prints, making them easier to handle and ship if that’s a concern.
  4. Traditional Look: While they both have a unique metal print look to them, metallic photo paper is closer to a traditional-looking print than a dibond print.