ChromaLuxe metal prints were tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research and achieved a permanence rating of 65 years.

Wilhelm Imaging Research is a known authority in evaluating printing methods, inks, and substrates for their permanence based in Iowa. They evaluate various printing technologies, inks, and substrate combinations to determine the expected longevity of prints under specific display and storage conditions. Their testing involves things like accelerated aging and lightfastness measurements to estimate the print’s resistance to fading and degradation.

How does ChromaLuxe compare to photo prints?

Traditional photo prints in a frame behind glass can last for decades. Unfortunately, the chemical process and the paper it’s printed on will decrease over time. A silver halide photo paper only lasts about 20 years before it starts to noticeably deteriorate, compared to ChromaLuxe which is projected to last at least 65 years.

What factors impact the longevity of a metal print?

There are five factors that impact the longevity of a metal print, all of them based on the quality of production or the displaying of the artwork. These factors include material quality, coating, printing technology, environmental conditions, and maintenance.

  • Material Quality: Metal prints are typically produced on aluminum alloy sheets that enhance the longevity of a print
  • Coating: Your metal print is only as good as its coating to protect it from fading, scratches, moisture damage, and UV radiation.
  • Ink and Printing Technology: Only advanced dye-sublimation machines, like those at Artisan HD, can use specially formulated inks to create images of the highest fidelity.
  • Environmental Conditions: Exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods of time or extreme temperature fluctuations can reduce the longevity of a print.
  • Handling and Maintenance: Cleaning the print regularly and avoiding contact with it will increase the durability of a print.

What are the advantages of choosing a metal print?

  1. ChromaLuxe products have a unique dye-sublimation coating that contains no open pores and is resistant to chemicals, bacteria, liquids, and pathogens, so the surface doesn’t trap contaminants. This means germs won’t stay on the surface.
  2. Cleaning and disinfecting ChromaLuxe prints is as simple as using any commercial glass cleaner with a clean, lint-free cloth. You don’t have to change cleaners or cleaning materials as you go through the building.
  3. Disinfectants can be sprayed on ChromaLuxe surfaces without damaging them or fading the colors, making them easier for customers to clean and maintain over time. Prints that last longer make the finance team happier to reduce replacement costs.

Vibrant images plus an easy-to-clean substrate make ChromaLuxe the premium choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities. For more information on cleaning ChromaLuxe products, visit