For high-quality canvas prints that use a sealant for the ink and a UV-protective coating, like those offered by ArtisanHD, there’s nothing special you need to do to care for your canvas image. Cheap canvas print reproductions will require greater care and maintenance in order to preserve the print.

Good canvas prints only require a little bit of dusting, however, there are three guidelines for general canvas care you should know to retain the print’s original vividness long-term:

  • Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight
  • Avoid hot and humid areas
  • Dust regularly with no chemicals

Canvas Care Tip #1: Avoid long-term exposure to sunlight

The protective UV coating on Giclee canvas prints protects canvas images like never before against solar radiation. Compared to old or cheaper canvas prints, a good UV coating will help your canvas last much longer. That said, it’s generally not recommended to hang canvas prints outside or on a wall that gets consistent and sustained exposure to direct sunlight. It’s best to display canvas in a room with ambient indoor lighting.

Canvas Care Tip #2: Avoid Hot and Humid Environments

Because canvas is a natural fiber, it can be affected by the environment around it. So walls in rooms that are hot for extended periods of time or outside and subject to outdoor heat are not ideal for canvas. The same goes for humid or wet environments, given enough time, moisture will decrease the vibrancy of the canvas print. Canvas does better in dry and cool environments and should be hung.

Canvas Care Tip #3: Dust Regularly With No Chemicals

Dust and dirt build up on everything, even paintings. Use a feather duster or a soft cloth that’s slightly moistened to clean your canvas regularly. Only use a fine linen cloth that is not too wet to avoid scratching or damaging the canvas. You should never use household cleaners or chemicals to clean your canvas, this can break down any protective coating or even ruin the image.