Canvas girl unique custom photo gifts from a Professional Printing Company

Cheap canvas printing services cut corners to keep prices down and while they provide you with what you “ordered”, they will still disappoint you. So what makes a quality canvas photo printer? What are the hallmarks of quality that you should look for when shopping for a canvas photo print?

With the advent of large format printers, printing digital photos on canvas has become very popular and affordable. However, the quality of the canvas prints varies enormously.

You may have to do a little research before you find the company you want to upload your photo to, but here are a few tips to help you separate online professional printing companies from cheap, discount printer factories.

Corners Cut By Cheap Canvas Printers

One of the easiest ways to make more money as a business is to cut corners to reduce your cost of goods sold. For canvas printers, this is quite easy to do as there are less expensive options throughout the production process. Cheap printers will often skimp on things like:

  • Poor quality subframe – Using low-quality wood or cheap construction, the subframe to your canvas can look great when it’s delivered but soon become weak and lose its shape.
  • Cheaper canvas – The thread count of your canvas will determine how tightly it can be woven together and the overall quality of the canvas, cheap canvas will let pinholes of light through even after the printing.
  • Old inkjet printers – Technology has advanced considerably over the past five years, older inkjet printers can’t offer the same fidelity as newer versions using the same technology.

If you’re looking to save money on a canvas print, you’ll likely see one or all three of these things when you order your print. Every print looks good online, leaving many purchasers disappointed when their discount canvas arrives looking just so-so.

What Makes A Quality Canvas Photo Printer?

Not all canvas printers are trying to cut corners, ArtisanHD spends the time and money to produce the highest quality canvas prints:

  • Custom-crafted subframes – We spec and build each subframe so we know the wood and craftsmanship will last for decades.
  • High-end canvas – Canvas with a high thread count will last long, is stronger, can be stretched tighter, and won’t suffer from pin-holing like cheap canvas.
  • New inkjet printers – Though expensive, new commercial inkjet printers are some of the most advanced printing technology available and provide the highest levels of clarity and vibrance of color.

To print digital photos on canvas while delivering high-quality results, the printing company should have the best and most technologically advanced inkjet printers available.

Also, the materials matter greatly. When a true professional is printing digital photos on canvas, a high-quality canvas is essential. If you decide to upload your photos to a company with cheap prices, you will probably get a poor canvas reprint. The total effect will be much less pleasing than with the superior poly-cotton canvases we use.

To print digital photos on canvas you want sharp, crystal-clear reprints. This requires the use of the finest inks in the market. The ink used should be the ink specifically manufactured for the specific printer used. Other ink brands may be available for a particular printer, but only the manufacturer’s ink can be trusted to produce high-quality canvas reproductions.

When comparing prices, don’t go the cheap way unless you want substandard results. Besides, printing digital photos on canvas with an established, professional printing company is absolutely affordable. When you upload your photographs online with professionals, you can be sure you will get a gorgeous result.

Customer Service You Can Count On

If you have questions, make sure the company has a way for you to contact them. And research what types of personalized customer service they provide. Do they have a customer guarantee for full satisfaction? Digital photos printed on canvas should be finished with a UV-protective coating that will protect the canvas from fading and scratching. Does the company make this a part of their workflow?

Make sure that when they print digital photos to canvas, they allow for previews of the reprints before purchase.

When printing digital photos on canvas, the printing company should offer you a completely finished product, including finish and mounting options.

The printing process used is very important for optimal resolution. If their printing process is giclée or high-definition, you’re in good hands.

You’ll be happy to know that ArtisanHD meets all of these standards!