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The more dots per square inch (DPI) and the bigger the file size, the better resolution you’ll get in the final product. That said, almost every digital photo can be made into a canvas print, however, with DPI and file size, some images will be better suited to enlarge than others.

For the most part, with the digital art technology (printing process, inks, and image software) we have, we can enlarge a photo to print on canvas to fit over a large area without any loss of resolution.

How can I tell if a photo’s resolution is sharp enough to print?

When you upload your image file to our online HD configurator, our software will determine the resolution quality. It will tell you if the resolution is too low for bigger sizes of digital canvas printing. If we find that the photo you upload will not produce the finest results, we will contact you and determine the best solution.

To help you gauge the right size, you can even see your custom artwork compared to common household furniture items, like a couch.

Unlike the practices of some discount printing houses, if the resolution of your photo is too poor for the size that you select to print, we will contact you before we start working on your digital canvas printing order. The integrity of your image and product is important to our customer service team – that’s what we’re here for!

Pixel & Size Minimum Guidelines For Canvas

Both pixel resolution (DPI) and the size of the image file will determine how large you can enlarge a photo onto a canvas print. Images that don’t meet these minimums would become blurry and pixelated as they get larger.

We prefer an uncompressed .TIF, flattened (no layers) minimum resolution 150DPI at full print size, 300DPI if possible. 8bit, with Adobe RGB98 as the color profile. (NO Gray-scales) – However, .JPG and sRGB are also acceptable.

Additional File types are: .jpg .jpeg .tif .tiff .psd .psb. 1/8” bleed is required on all images.

Best Resolutions For Extra-large Prints

The bigger the image, the more pixels and data behind it the better for image resolution. Extra-large canvas prints are popular choices because they don’t require framing (expensive for larger prints) and are lightweight. If you want a print large enough to span an entire wall, be sure you have the photo that allows for that scale of print.

For the best output, we recommend – an uncompressed .TIF, flattened (no layers) with a resolution of 300DPI at full print size. 8bit, with Adobe RGB98 as the color profile.

Why choose quality canvas prints?

Both the software and printing technology used will determine if the resolution of your photo is crisp on the canvas. Some digital printing companies that offer cheap canvas reprints or prices at a discount do not have the digital art technology or the capacity to create reproductions with high-definition from image files.

ArtisanHD uses the Giclée printing process, the most advanced inks with the widest color gamut to produce the deepest blacks and brightest whites that can be enlarged to almost any size.

Can scanned images be made into canvas prints?

Yes, scanned photos can be used for canvas prints. Also, if you have the photo negative you can have that turned into a digital file ready for printing.