ArtisanHD has recently installed a new Canon Colorado Gel-Ink printer. Part of what makes the Canon Colorado so special is the introduction of new ink and finishing technologies.

Primarily there are 2 key reasons why you should print on the Canon Colorado:Canon Colorado print CU

#1 – The Canon UV gel ink provides a durable, scratch-resistant layer that needs no further protection for most applications.

This ink is also more flexible, providing the ability to stretch without damage when prints need to be folded, creased, wrapped or stretched on a frame.

#2 –  The new FLX finish technology, with which you can print your images with a beautiful glossy finish or a luxurious matte finish.

For a matte finish or when using porous media, a brief flash of UV light pins the UV gel droplets in place immediately after jetting, freezing the shape of every drop of ink. This results in a rough surface at the micro-level, providing the characteristic velvety-matte finish.

For instance, with a glossy finish, the droplets get a little more time to settle into a smooth, even layer.

Matte vs Gloss 1

The difference between Glossy and Matte finish

Other benefits of the Canon Colorado Gel Ink Printer include:

  1. It provides excellent color range and depth
  2. You get low-odor prints, which is important for indoor usage
  3. It has 0 drying time which means faster shipping
  4. It has a considerably low environmental impact
  5. It provides robust prints on a wide range of media

HD Canon Colorado 1sheet 1200 x 1500 px1 2Not sure if you’d like watercolor paper? Choose 4 types of paper samples for $10 and get $10 back on your next order. Order samples here!

To learn more about the amazing capabilities of the Canon Colorado Gel Ink Printer, download this printable 1-sheet here.