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Curbly is a very active community site where you can post pictures and ideas on DIY projects, get inspiration and advise from other creative people, designers, and the like. If you have not visited it yet, you should. That is where I found this great idea for using graffiti to decorate your home wall space. By selecting close up sections you can abstract the colors and textures that will compliment your decor.

Graffitti Artists Work = Contributers to My Home’s Art:

I’m on a budget. My home is important to me. Art is important to me. When you throw these things together, walk into my apartment, and check out whats hanging on the walls, you see the results of artwork on a budget. Most of the pieces are my own work. I wish I didn’t have to resort to my hanging so much of my own work, but dang it’s easy on the budget.

One day I realized that I could use someone else’s graffitti as sweet color-infused art in my home. I grabbed my digital camera and shot about 45 pictures of the least offensive (although if offensive grabs you, by all means, go with it) graffitti I could find. I then printed some of my favorites, put them in affordable frames, and organized them in coordinated groupings. It’s cheap, not labor intensive, and happens to be a fun scavenger hunt activity.

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