Get ready for a summer night of art, music and chocolate in Scottsdale at a collection of well-known fine art photography galleries.

Locals know that recent quarantine restrictions have kept us from even thinking about going out and walking around for enjoyment. Since it has finally opened up, some in the Valley of the Sun, we are able to re-emerge for the last event of the Scottsdale Gallery Association’s 45th anniversary season.

The event has been postponed to September 3rd, from 6:30-9 pm, the SGA Gold Palette ArtWalk will feature the Summer Spectacular: Art + Chocolate. Take a walk and enjoy some art!

Fine Art Photography Galleries Feed Your Soul…

Scottsdale Fine Art Photography Galleries

Scottsdale Gallery Association

Many fine art photography galleries are participating where both artwork and chocolate samples can be found. The galleries will be hosting exhibits and events meant to focus on photography and other fine art. The Scottsdale Gold Palette ArtWalk events such as the Summer Spectacular: Art + Chocolate are held eight times throughout the year and bring people to galleries such as Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale, Mainview Gallery, Wilde Meyer and more to engage with fine art, photography, entertainment and community.

For those on the hunt for photography and fine art during the ArtWalk, looking for items that satisfy the Power of 9 can be a great way to make an interesting, eye catching design in your wall decor. The Power of 9 suggests grouping wall art in three rows of three. They may all be parts of a larger image, assembled triple-triptych style. Or perhaps they are simply part of a larger theme of color, style or texture.

Collecting artwork during a night like the Summer Spectacular supports local and national artists, while helping you to find diverse pieces. Playing around with the themes of tone, texture and material can lead to a unique and pleasant aesthetic in your home.

Entertainment and live music will also be underway throughout the evening.

…And Your Cravings

Cerretas Candy

Cerreta’s Candy

Chocolate samples are provided by Cerreta Candy Company. Based in Glendale, Cerreta’s coco-endeavors focus on barks, classic bars and chocolate dipped nuts, raisins and malt balls. Candy samples will be provided pre-wrapped at galleries throughout the ArtWalk. A tasty way to sweeten up the fabulous Scottsdale art galleries! But in the summer heat, be sure to indulge immediately – don’t leave the chocolate in your pocket, purse or car ?

Updated July 2020