WildAid’s Marine Program hosted a “Celebration for the Ocean” event this past June 2019. The event featured a keynote speech from WildAid partner and Pioneering Oceanographer, Dr. Sylvia Earle. A discussion with WildAid’s Program Director, Meaghan Brosnan, who spoke on plans to improve and strengthen enforcement surrounding marine and coastal areas. As well as a stunning display of custom acrylic mounted photos by Kristin Hettermann of Oceanscapes Photography.

Check out the WildAid Marine Program Event – Meaghan Brosnan Presentation video below to learn more. Video not showing? Youtube link also available here if needed.

Stunning marine photography acrylic mounted photos by Kristin Hettermann benefit WildAid’s Marine Programs.

Photographer Kristin Hettermann is most recognized for both her underwater and travel photography. Based between Hawaii and New York, Kristin’s work and travels have taken her on many adventures around the world. Through her artwork, she hopes to inspire creating awareness of important environmental and social causes, such as ocean conservation and distant cultures.

Kristin’s collection of acrylic mounted photos from the exhibition are still available for custom order on here website. View them here.

marine photography acrylic mounted photos by kristin hettermann artisanhd

Kristin Hettermann works with Artisan HD to make her underwater photography images come to life in print.

  • Why did you choose to work ArtisanHD for this exhibit?

I really appreciate the customer service, and direct sales approach. This makes it easy for me (as the artist) to efficiently and effectively translate my images into artwork. Our work, as an artist does not necessarily mean that we are well versed in the technical aspects of conversion to printing. So, their attention to detail also really helps to save a lot of time.

  • Your choice of printing materials on this project?

I like to use the Kodak Metallic paper for extra sheen and quality, under the 1/8 acrylic. I personally feel the thinner acrylic cover presents a more upscale feel, although that is completely my opinion!

We couldn’t agree more!

Using Kodak Metallic with it’s pearlescent shimmer is THE way to print ocean / underwater images. It enhances the shine & shimmer and lets ambient light interact with the image. As the Artist, Kristen had the vision, as a Printer – we can see how the right media elevates her work and thus, a little magic is created in the end-product.

Kristin Hettmann Marine Photography Oceanscapes

Get Started Today!

So, even if your not a brave explorer of the deep, or charting new territories, you too can access PRO level prints with the help of ArtisanHD.com and our caring, talented staff. Simply upload your images and select Kodak Metallic, mounted to 1/8″ acrylic to get the same prints OR if you’re more adventurous after all, try some of our other premium print products.

We’re sure you wont be disappointed – and if you have questions or concerns, simply call us at 1.877.948.0009 or send us an email at support@artisanhd.com