We recently had our first Wall Art Gallery Split order, from Florida-based artist Monica Campana Montanarella. Monica has been creating art for more than 20 years. She uses a combination of drawing, photography, and computer art to create her pieces. She is familiar with printing on metal, so she chose to print a Dibond Wall Art Gallery Split, one of our newest products at ArtisanHD!

How Do We Create A Wall Art Gallery Split?

As you can tell from our Wall Art Gallery Video Tutorial, creating a Cluster or Split is more complicated than a standard print. First, you upload your images and design out in our Customizer. After completing checkout, your file goes to one of our specialists to lay out the print file. Below you can see the file, the finished print, and the pieces ready to be shipped out!

Installing Your Wall Art Gallery SplitWall Art Gallery Split Installation Guide

Once you receive your shipment, find the installation guide (pictured below). You will also need to retrieve the wall cleats, which are temporarily affixed with tape and positioned into the artwork cleats.

Tools needed:

  • Level
  • Drill with Phillip’s Head
  • Pencil or Marker

Tape the guide to your wall where you want your cluster or split to hang. Hold the matching cleat against the wall, and place the level on top of the cleat to insure accurate installation.

  1. Mark the wall through the holes in the wall cleat.
  2. Install wall anchors using a power drill through the marked points on the wall. To do this, align cleat on wall with the wall anchors showing through the holes. Drill screws into wall anchors through wall cleat.
  3. Place artwork on wall cleat and adjust horizontal position.
  4. Enjoy your new work of art!

Below is an example of what the finished product will look like installed on your wall. There are 24 combinations available, so you can make your Cluster or Split as unique as you want!

To see more of Monica’s work, visit her website or Facebook page.

If you’d like to build a Wall Art Gallery Split or Cluster of your own, watch our Video Tutorial and then Upload with our Customizer.