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With decades of canvas printing experience, ArtisanHD has seen all sorts of different custom requests so we often get asked: What are the most popular canvas print customizations requested?

5 Types of Canvas Customization Options

As you’re ordering your canvas print, you’ll have five basic options for customization:

  • Edge finish
  • Glossiness
  • Stretched or unstretched
  • Subframe thickness
  • Size

Our in-house canvas professionals will print and stretch the picture you upload so that you can create a custom print to your exact specifications. By using our high-definition processing, we can turn your photo into a custom work of art.

Edge Finish – Mirrored Gallery-Wrap

Of the three options, mirrored gallery-wrap, black gallery-wrap, and white gallery-wrap, mirrored gallery-wrap is by far the most popular. This is because most canvas prints we sell are hung directly onto the wall, with no outer frame and the look of the mirrored gallery-wrap generally looks better than plain white or black. The edge of the image reflected and wrapped around the subframe gives the canvas almost a 3-D look.

Glossiness – Semi-gloss

Most people prefer their canvas to have a little bit of gloss but not too much so they land on semi-gloss. While they each have their virtue, semi-gloss canvases are more versatile than gloss or matte in that they can be hung in a greater variety of lighting and still look great.

Stretched Or Unstretched – Stretched With Subframe

Because stretching the canvas yourself requires space, tools, and know-how, the vast majority of people order their canvas prints already stretched over the subframe ready to hang. We’d encourage anyone who can stretch their own canvas to do so, but we also recommend you learn on a blank canvas, not a Giclée printed canvas print.

Subframe Thickness – 1 1/2″

With three options, 9/16″, 1 1/2″, and 2″, most of our customers choose 1 1/2″ because it works with all canvas sizes. Smaller canvases typically opt for the thinner subframe of 9/16″ while extra-large canvases choose the 2″. All subframe thicknesses work with all sizes, it’s typically more of a question of preference and proportion.

Canvas Size – Around 36′ – 48′

The average wall height is 8′ the average piece of furniture is between 3′ and 4′, so once you know the width of the space you’re trying to take up, you can calculate a ratio to your liking as to the best print size. Most of our customers are trying to cover a space that’s around 4’x6′ and opt for a canvas print that measures between 36′ – 48′ on each side.

Custom Canvas Prints: 3-step process

ArtisanHD only uses the highest quality artist-grade canvas and inkjet printers to reproduce beautiful custom canvas prints of your photo that are easy to order. The process for creating your own canvas print that is uniquely your own is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Upload your Photo from your phone, tablet, or computer
  2. Customize your image by cropping and choosing size and canvas wrap options
  3. Place your order and leave the rest to us!

With our large format printers, we can take your digital photograph and turn it into a gorgeous, high-definition art canvas. And using our Giclée method, we can deliver museum-quality reprints — as big or as small as you wish to cover the wall space you want to fill.

Remember, Canvas prints are a beautiful alternative or addition to any room in your home, big or small. Or even in your office! Canvas is actually much more durable than paper. The material also gives an incomparable depth and quality to a photograph.