Artist and photographer Mark Andrews combines his panoramic images with home decor in an innovative way. He prints his images on to canvas material and installs them like wallpaper. That in of itself is not so out of the ordinary. Where he chooses to install the mural is, the ceiling.

Mark begins by stitching hundreds of images together to retain the highest possible resolution and detail for output. His studio will spend hours color adjusting and profiling the image before printing. The final image is printed on a matte canvas. In the installation seen here they emulated copper tiles for a dining room ceiling.

One advantage Mark points out in using a canvas like material for his mural installations is the ease of removing when a new look is desired for the room. “The wallpaper hangers flipped out when they checked out the characteristics of the canvas. Not only is it tough as hot nails when they put it up, especially since most wallpapers are very flimsy, but if you want to strip it off you can pull it off in one strip. It’s a 10-minute job to strip one room,” says Andrews.

At Artisan we will spend hours meticulously making sure the color is just right before output. We also have a heavy duty canvas wallpaper material for mural printing, and professional installation available. Creating your own Sistine Chapel doesn’t take Michelangelo, just imagination, the right file, and a little help from ArtisanHD.

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