As canvas printing technology has progressed, printing on canvas is becoming more and more popular for amateur and professional photographers. Digital printing on canvas is gaining popularity over photographic paper for a number of reasons. When evaluating art prints vs canvas, photographers are increasingly choosing canvas. These are the four biggest reasons why photos on canvas are better than photo paper.

Canvas vs. Paper Prints In Durability

Digital printing on canvas creates artwork that is very durable and lasts longer than photographic paper. If you choose a quality canvas printer, like Artisan HD, they use high-quality, scratch-resistant inks that not only add to the beauty of your photograph but also help increase the lifetime of your personalized prints.

While the longevity of any print will depend on how it’s stored or displayed, canvas prints can last up to 100+ years whereas photo paper typically last 20 – 60 years. If you want a photo print that’s durable and can last, canvas has the edge over traditional photo prints.

Framing Is Optional For Canvas

Unlike photo paper, canvas prints can come ready to hang on the wall with no additional framing. The subframe that the canvas is stretched around can be hung directly on your wall without placing it in a frame. That said, if you do want to frame your canvas print you can also find frames designed to accommodate the 1.5″ thick subframe.

Without a traditional frame, canvas prints are also much lighter in weight. For extra large canvas prints, this is an even bigger advantage because an oversized print can be moved by one person, not a few people trying not to bump the heavy glass frame into the corner of the wall.

Unique Texture & Anti-Glare Qualities Of Canvas

The use of canvas for fine art dates back to the Renaissance Era starting in the 14th century, and became widely popular in the 16th century as the preferred medium for both artists and patrons. Today we naturally associate the qualities of a canvas painting with fine art. Compared to other mediums canvas has some unique qualities:

  • No glare – With the right paints or treated inks, glare can be reduced to virtually zero, perfect for any gallery or home.
  • Texture – Ranging from smooth, medium, and coarse, the texture of canvas adds depth to any work of art.
  • Weight & weave – How closely the fibers are woven together will affect how the canvas appears.

Unlimited Options with Digital Printing on Canvas

Large format digital printing on canvasModern Giclee inkjet printers at high-end print shops have become so advanced that they can print at a large scale while maintaining superior quality. Large format canvas printers provide you with a huge variety of different sizes from which to choose. You can have your photos enlarged or reduced to practically any size you desire.

When you print digital photos on canvas, your reprints obtain a quality that is hard to surpass. Because of the natural texture of canvas, printing photos on canvas gives depth, breadth, and artistry to your work.

With our giclée printing process, your photos will look like fine art prints and not cheap reproductions. Once you see the results, you will feel you have purchased your own personal art collection to put in your home or office.

Even when enlarged to fit a very large wall area, there is no reduction in quality. Unlike other companies that use cheap quality canvas, inferior printers, and uncured inks. Whether you choose a matte or glossy finish, our printing process brings out the best colors imaginable with high-definition canvas prints.