When you’re getting a canvas print you’ll have three options for customization:

  • Edge finish – The canvas that wraps around the subframe can be modified to fit your desired look.
  • Stretched or unstretched – Print can be delivered on a subframe, ready to hang on the wall immediately.
  • Size – Sizes range from 12″x12″ to 115″x115″ (12″x12″ to 68″x68″ for Canvas Glossy)

ArtisanHD offers high-quality canvas prints that can be printed to order and shipped directly to your door.

Finishing Options For Canvas

The canvas wraps around the 1.5″ subframe and will be visible unless the canvas is placed behind a frame. You can choose a finishing option for that edge for the perfect look. There are three finishing types from which to choose:

  • Mirrored Gallery Wrap – The most common option, mirrors the image around the edge.
  • Black Gallery Wrap – Best for darker images, the black on the border helps make the brighter colors pop.
  • White Gallery Wrap – Best for brighter images, the white edge blends easier on white walls.

Glossy To Matte Canvas Options

ArtisanHD allows you to choose between three different glare or glare reduction options with matte, semi-gloss, and glossy finishes.

  • Matte finish – typically chosen for fine art
  • Semi-gloss – most popular for portraits
  • Glossy – best for landscape commercial prints

Rolled High Quality Digital Photo to Canvas PrintsStretched or Unstretched Canvas

While most customers prefer to have their canvas print delivered on a subframe, ready to hang, some prefer to stretch it themselves. We cover whether you should consider stretching canvas yourself, but would encourage anyone who is handy and wants to try to do so. However, we’d also encourage you to practice with a canvas that hasn’t had cutting-edge ink-jet Giclee print on it first.

Canvas Print Sizes

ArtisanHD offers sizes as small as 12″x12″ and extra large canvas prints as large as 115″x115″ (12″x12″ to 68″x68″ for Canvas Glossy). We only offer squares or rectangles but will provide you with an unstretched canvas if you want unique shapes.

Our high-quality canvas prints can last 100+ years, if placed out of direct sunlight and kept within normal temperature ranges.

To read more about Artisan’s high-definition canvas prints, visit the Custom Canvas Prints Product Page.

Our thick cotton canvas offers stunning color and unbelievably high-resolution detail. Prints have a classic, gallery-wrapped canvas look. Latex-based ink resists fading, and canvases can be up to 10″ in size. Each canvas is hand-stretched across a 1.5″ deep wooden frame (the industry standard is 0.75″).