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The vast majority of our customers prefer to let us do the canvas stretching for them. We source the wood, make sure the frames are built up to spec, and have trained experts on staff to accomplish this.

For our customers who have the know-how and tools to stretch canvas themselves, we also provide unstretched canvas without a subframe. Should you consider stretching the canvas yourself? Is it worth the time and effort to stretch canvas or are you better off getting it ready to go?

We’ll cover the advantages of stretching your own canvas and whether or not you should consider doing it yourself.

Advantages Of Stretching Canvas Yourself

There’s really just one big advantage to stretching your own canvas that you can apply in many different ways: more choice over the final product. Most places that provide pre-stretched canvas have a productized offering for you to choose from without many customization options. When you stretch the canvas yourself you can control:

  • Choice of subframe material – Choose the type of wood or metal you want to build your subframe out of
  • Choice of the type of canvas – If you’re in control of the print you can determine the texture, weight, weave, primer, and final quality of the canvas
  • Choice of custom sizes – You can build your frame to any non-standard size you wish

Why You Should Or Shouldn’t Stretch Your Own Canvas

Our staff suggests anyone who likes working with their hands and wants to try should attempt to stretch their own canvas. However, they also caution that you may want to consider a few things before starting as it may not be for everyone:

  • Space to stretch – Stretching canvas in a small room or on a standard-sized table is a lot like playing pool in a small room, possible but not ideal.
  • Tools – While not very expensive buying new tools like an upgraded staple gun, canvas pliers, clamps, etc., may be necessary.
  • Time – Both learning to stretch canvas and actually stretching canvas can take some time.
  • Ability – If you’re not very handy, building your own subframe or stretching your own canvas can be even more difficult to learn.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Canvas Stretched?

Depending on where you live and the experience of the person, it can cost $8-$20 per linear foot. So you would be saving money by stretching it yourself – provided you don’t spend money on new tools and it only takes you an hour or so to do.

Custom Stretched Canvas Prints

Unless you choose and tell us otherwise, we professionally stretch your photos on canvas over a 1.5? wooden frame. You can choose to have a plain stretched canvas so that you can frame it yourself, or you can choose a gallery-wrapped canvas, a process that requires no frame. With this type of mounting, we wrap the photograph around the edges of all four sides of the frame, giving it a totally finished and gallery-like look.

We guarantee that our custom stretched canvas prints will go beyond your expectations. Added to that, our personalized service will never let you down!