One of our favorite local artists was recently featured for his unique pet portraits on a segment of Your Life Arizona.  View the segment below!

About Stephen Moody, Creator of Pet Portraits

As a Master Photographer and artist of over 30 years, Stephen Moody has quite an impressive portfolio of unique portrait art. His goal is to provide a timeless portrait, an heirloom to be passed down from generation to generation. Moody consults with clients about the interior design and decor that his art will be complimenting, sets up a stylized photo shoot, and then creates a stunning mixed-media portrait with acrylic and oil paints. His niche is pet portraits, although he does other subjects, which can be viewed on his website.

Stephen Moody Unique Pet Portraits

Stephen Moody’s Unique Dog Portraits

We are proud to see a valued customer of ArtisanHD getting the recognition that he deserves. Congratulations, Stephen!

Stephen Moody's Unique Pet Portraits includes beautiful horses

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