Here at ArtisanHD, we enjoy helping artists display and enjoy the artwork that they have worked so hard on. We recently had the opportunity to prove our professional photo printing quality and customer service with a new photography customer. Paul Vanderveen was having some issues with his usual printer, so he asked for recommendations from his photography community. That led him straight to ArtisanHD!

Professional Photo Printing that Brings Landscapes to Life

Paul didn’t trust one of his favorite images with just any online printer. When he wanted to print “Stud Horse Sunrise” on acrylic, we were happy to help. We worked with Paul to customize his professional photo printing options and he ended up with this stunning piece of art on face mounted TruLife acrylic – an innovative new anti-reflective acrylic that protects from UV, static and dust, plus it resists shattering.

We are so happy that we could meet Paul’s expectations and we look forward to working with him and his photography talents on future projects!

“Great team. They held my hand all the way to pick-up. Already looking for the next print – so many great options with ArtisanHD!”
-Paul Vanderveen

An Eye for Natural Wonders

Of course, to create awesome artwork, you have to start with amazing images. Paul has a keen eye for capturing the inspiring images that surround us in nature. His work ranges from canyons to coasts and spectacular night skies to life’s little details. The tough part is choosing which medium to print on and all the professional photo printing details! These are images that are just screaming for the HD photo papers used in the TruLife acrylic face mounting process. We think Dibond and custom wallpaper may be in Paul’s future, too!

Meet The Artist: Paul Vanderveen

professional photo printing blog paulvanderveen photoHow did you get started in photography?

I had a great experience in high school in the early 80’s with photography, but by the time I went to college, I could not afford to develop film. Fast forward to when my kids left for college – I picked up a camera and fell in love all over again. It was a simple Canon Rebel. Now many dollars later, I am full fledged Sony, focusing on landscape and wildlife with a bit of a penchant for chasing petroglyphs. With photography, I have gained so many great photographer friends and been on the adventures of a lifetime. I have also been published in Archaeology Southwest and American Archaeology Magazines.

Is there a story behind the image you chose to print?

My friend is the former National Park Photographer (Frank Ruggles) and we had just spent 3 days shooting Canyonlands and Monument Valley. He had a project shoot with one of the slot canyons, so we camped at Whaweep and I mentioned that I had heard of a place called Stud Horse Point nearby.  We started in the dark and luckily landed at the right spot. As soon as we got out of the jeep we knew the light was going to be awesome.  For 45 minutes we didn’t see each other and at the end, we were tired and just said: “did you get it?” It was just a great moment in time for me.

How did you hear about Artisan?

I met an employee of Artisan (Paul Bartell) at an AZPPA event. I had a printer I was working with, but over time the output was not what I was expecting. I decided to give Artisan a chance and was completely blown away.

professional photo printing blog paul vanderveen website1Why did you choose to go with acrylic for this print?

I hate frames.  I love taking the pictures, I like processing, I hate framing. But lately, I have seen the trend to print on acrylic. I love how it really lets the picture stand on its own as well as protects it. So I went with the True Life Acrylic based on a staff recommendation. I have since ordered three more prints to go along with this one!

Any final thoughts?

Printing is the end result of a lot of work, i.e. getting up in the wee hours, driving out, hiking, hoping for the light being right with settings, then getting it all together back home. I have used national printers and local printers, however I want a relationship with my printer. I want to be able to pick up the phone or drop in and say, “what if we printed on this?” And have someone get that glint in their eye and say, “OR, how about we print it this way” and really get to the display that will present the best.

We’re more than a printer, We’re Artisan.

art photographyIf you’re looking for professional photo printing that is more than an upload and click, ArtisanHD is here for you. More than just a print shop, we build relationships with our customers and artists and love to help them try new printing and mounting options that truly bring their work to life!

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