Showcasing ArtisanHD Brand Ambassadors

Photographers who embody the definition of artist are special. They are confident in their abilities and can express themselves through their work while capturing the imagination of others. ArtisanHD created this exclusive program to celebrate our master artists. 

Meet our Brand Ambassadors

Suzanne Mathia Brand ambassador badge resizedTona Eclipse Suzanne Mathia

Suzanne Mathia

Suzanne was inspired to pursue photography from her father, which complemented the artistic eye that she credits to her mother. She loved photography growing up but didn’t take it very seriously until later in life, after her own sons had grown up. Learn more!

Andrew Shoemaker brand ambassador badge resizedocean beach Landscape Photographer Andrew Shoemaker

Andrew Shoemaker

A renowned fine art, nature photographer based in Maui, Hawaii, Andrew Shoemaker transformed his love of hiking, skiing, and the blissful paradise of the Hawaiian Islands into a thriving business and a way to connect with others through his art. Learn more!

Larry Lindahl Outdoor Photographer ArtisanHD Brand Ambassaor Badge resizedUtah Wild Horses Larry Lindahl ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador

Larry Lindahl

Larry envisioned himself as an artist with a special focus on nature. “I drew a picture for a class project, “What I want to be when I grew up”. The picture showed a guy in hiking boots, blue jeans, and an orange flannel shirt. He had an artist’s palette in one hand and an oil painter’s brush in the other hand!” Learn more!

Sean Hoyt Outdoor Photographer ArtisanHD Brand Ambassaor Badge resizedSean Hoyt Mt Rainier Aurora Paradise

Sean Hoyt

After 15 years as a wedding photographer, Sean moved on to photographing places and landmarks. He uses his techniques as the means to “… traverse around a single photograph.” A Sean Hoyt masterpiece is an invitation to step into panoramic scenes of remote beauty. Learn more!

Danny with ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador LogoXL Printing Danny Sepkowski Waves

Danny Sepkowski

Dreamt of creating jaw-dropping photos that immerse a space in dazzling color and imagery? Award-winning National Geography nature photographer, Danny Sepkowski shares his expertise to help other artists create nature photos that they can transform into panoramic art on XL printing. Learn more!

ArtisanAmbassador DAVESilhouette by Dave Burdick

Dave Burdick

ArtisanHD’s latest Brand Ambassador, Dave Burdick, is a Pacific Northwest native who was moved by his natural environment. Today, he captures the beauty of the world around him – the beach, mountains, and breath-taking valleys and low-lands in between. Learn more!

ArtisanAmbassador Jeremy Garretson with BadgeJeremy Garretson Marshall Point Rocks Rainbow

Jeremy Garretson

Award-winning fine artist, Jeremy Garretson, has been featured in national publications, such as the Wall Street Journal and Wine Press. He allows nature’s calm to entice him into discovering the delicate interplay between light and land, and the results are spectacular and often unexpected. Learn more!

Aaron Reed Profile 768x536 2 1Heavens Gate Japanese Maple Tree by photographer Aaron Reed 1200x838 1

Aaron Reed

A self-taught nature photographer transforms into a fine artist with art in thousands of homes and offices. His decision to make his living as a fine art photographer came out of the blue, and when it did, it was full speed ahead.  Meet Aaron Reed, ArtisanHD’s Brand Ambassador. Learn More!

AHD Ambassador Lee HendricksonHD July BA Hendrickson Autumn image

Lee Hendrickson

One could say the art of Lee Hendrickson is one of a kind and be on-point. In fact, no one creates art in the same way, and each of Lee’s subjects and photographs cannot be duplicated. If you haven’t guessed, the subjects of the art are microscopic crystals. Learn more!

Steve Scott behind wooden camera with Brand Ambassador logo BA PageHD July BA Hendrickson Autumn image 1

Steve Scott

This fine artisan’s creative perspective is surprisingly similar to an accomplished painter. At first glance, his landscapes resemble oil paintings due to their rich color saturation. It’s no surprise that the Old Italian Masters are inspirations. Learn more!

ArtisanAmbassador Serge Ramelli with Badge Sized for Brand Ambassaor Page on WebParis color Book web Highlight

Serge Ramelli

When Serge Ramelli reimagines the delicate balance between shadow and light, it brings forth a new mood – even making the most familiar location unfamiliar. From Paris to Venice, seascapes, and mountains, fine art photographs by Serge Ramelli stop viewers in their tracks. Learn more!

max foster ba highlight image 1 bKauai Pool 1000x698 1

Max Foster

For Max Foster, fine art photographer, the artistic journey is about pre-visualizing the emotions the artwork will evoke. A beautiful landscape photograph magically transporting to a time or place. Max Foster, goes one step further by predetermining the emotions of each photograph. Learn More!

aba5cd3c 8d65 4322 bc72 b4be2e52518fREM MichaelStipe LiveConcert 054 web

Christopher M. Lynch

Self-expression is the cornerstone of Christopher M. Lynch’s life. An award-winning photographer, innovative cinematographer, commercial director, and master of reinvention in New York City, his subjects run the gamut from rock stars, local performers, global brands, iconic landmarks, roads untraveled, and expressions of the human condition that expand our understanding of life. Learn More!

cody robertsUntitled design14

Cody Roberts

Cody Roberts is a true landscape artist, a photographer who inspires people to care about the Earth. His work is visually therapeutic, creating stress relief in the form of beautiful imagery. Cody Roberts believes that nature is intrinsic to our wellbeing and has the power to heal. He’s especially well-known for his award-winning Hawaii aerial photography. Learn More!


Joe Garza

An outdoorsman with a thing for lighthouses, Joe Garza has been into photography since the mid ‘90s. The outdoor photographer travels 120 days a year and loves every minute of it. And it shows–his photographs take you on a journey from the East Coast to the West and from tropical paradises in Hawaii to snow-capped mountains in the Himalayas. Learn More!

nicknick work

Nick Selway

Nick Selway is a nature photographer with a profound appreciation for the natural world, so much so that he isn’t afraid to risk his life for his art. Our latest Brand Ambassador travels 150 days a year, which allows him to explore unique marvels from across the nation through his lens.
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Stan Rose ArtisanHD Brand AmbassadorSedona Vortex by Stan Rose

Stan Rose

Stan Rose is known for capturing captivating landscapes. With a deep love for nature, Stan’s work showcases vibrant colors, intricate details, and breathtaking scenes. Join us in celebrating his artistry and commitment to environmental preservation through stunning photography.
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Photogrpaher with a camera on a tripod in his handpicture of alpha bighorns standing

Jonathan Reynolds

Jonathan Reynolds is not just a photographer; he’s a visual storyteller, capturing inspiring moments with his lens and bringing the world’s unique beauty to life through his photographs. We delve into the world of this talented artist, learning about his background, inspirations, and partnership with ArtisanHD.
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Celebrating ArtisanHD Ambassadors And Their Work

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