So you’ve taken some stellar photos of your kids, your dog, the spring blooms or a stunning sunset – now what? Too many people let their photos and memories just sit in their electronic devices. Sure, you can pull them up to show family and friends, or even post to social media. But one of the best ways to keep those memories fresh in your mind and show off your skills is through direct photo printing.

Acrylic Direct Photo Printing for Gallery-style Chic

What is the difference between a photo print mounted to acrylic vs. a direct digital print on acrylic?

Direct Digital Print with standard 2″ clear Border and pre-cut holes for hardware

Imagine your images printed in a large format and mounted above the couch, or a series of pictures telling a story as you ascend the staircase. Acrylic board printing is one of the easiest and chicest ways to display your photos. The modern minimalist approach prints your image direct to plexiglass or on high quality photo papers that are then second-surface mounted to the acrylic. Not only is direct photo printing attractive, it’s incredibly durable, too.

Take your prints one step further and use metallic photo paper when you opt for a second-surface mount. A layer of Acrylic is applied over the photo with an optically clear adhesive, creating super high contrast, depth and gloss. While you may think Metallic HD photo paper sets off amazing colors, like in your sunset shots, it can be absolutely stunning for black and white prints, too.

Keep it Simple

Instead of crowding your images with big, fancy frames, direct photo printing to plexiglass or to photo paper mounted to plexiglass lets your images speak for themselves. In acrylic photo printing, the image is printed directly to the plexiglass and four corner stainless steel standoffs are provided for mounting to your wall. A two-inch clear border is left on the plexiglass around your image, so the standoffs do not alter the print or distract in any way. This is true gallery quality.

Kodak Metallic Acrylic Mounted Print - Direct Photo Printing

Mounted Print – Full Bleed with Stainless Steel Stand-offs

With second-surface mounting to plexiglass, your images can come with or without a plexiglass border and they take on a true glass-like quality. A museum mount is the best way to showcase this professional printing style, although there are a number of mounting options to customize your images and interior design.

Let your inspiration run wild and get those great pictures out of your phone! And with Artisan HD, direct photo printing is truly at your fingertips. The simple upload and order process will bring your family vacation to life or help you to create your own abstract artwork!