The technology that runs the LightJet has been repeatedly recognized as having a superior imaging quality over other output devises. This also true when it comes to long lasting Duratrans printing. Backlit advertising is frequently utilized by marketers because of its ability to captivate people’s attention. Bright vibrant colors that don’t fade in a couple of months of use are vital. Not only to capture the consumer’s attention, but also to keep the cost of the advertising down by not having to frequently replace pieces. Duane Fast in the March 2008 addition of Digital Graphics (an industry trade magazine) also touts the advantages of LightJet Duratrans printing.

Digital Sunshine

Technology has given us the power to light previously dark spaces. The digital printing industry is uniquely positioned to take maximum advantage of that technology in a constantly expanding market for backlit prints.

…Sometimes the prints need to last a long time. And if these prints are indoors, they also need the highest print quality. Permanent retail graphics and museum exhibits are a good example of this need. Photo printing still wins out in this area.

In my opinion, backlit prints from photo imagers, such as the LighJet from Oce and the Durst Lambda, give the most beautiful, dense colors of any printing source.