For over 3 years now, ArtisanHD has had the privilege of being the go-to print supplier for—the brainchild of Dr. Paul Lynch and his team of dedicated volunteers.

The goal of WorldPix is stunningly simple: to help impoverished nations around the world by capturing their beauty through photographic 2019 Arizona for Africa charity art auction FB 12images and returning the profits of those images back to causes within those countries.

We provide art printing for WorldPix at a discounted rate, so Paul can maximize his fundraising efforts as WorldPix was developing their website, building an audience, and getting more and more of Paul’s and his contributors work out there.

And yes, we consider it a privilege as it allows us to play a small part in a local & global organization that really focuses on giving back. Since ArtisanHD is based in Scottsdale, Arizona–we don’t often have a chance to make an impact half a world away. But on the flip side, we care about local issues, so this was a great partnership right from the start.

About the Annual Arizona for Africa Charity Art Auction

Mike Goldner at 2019 Arizona for Africa charity art auctionLast year marked the first Arizona for Africa event–and while ArtisanHD got to print for the inaugural event too, we didn’t get a chance to attend. Not so this year! WorldPix extended and invitation to this year’s Arizona for Africa event and our own Director of eCommerce, Mike Goldner, was there to represent ArtisanHD and learn more about what the WorldPix organization does.

The 2nd annual Arizona for Africa charity art auction event was held at Desert Foothills Lutheran Church, in North Scottsdale and the exhibit will be up in their event hall for 2 months so folks can stop by and buy prints even after the Arizona for Africa event.

During the 2nd annual Arizona for Africa charity art auction attendees were asked to bid on photo safaris, donate, and purchase art prints. WorldPix raised over $60,000 during their 2nd annual gallery, auction, and dinner! All funds raised go to support local organizations in Africa and Arizona.

How WorldPix & the Arizona for Africa Charity Art Auction Gives Back to Communities in Both Africa and Arizona

How you ask? Well, this is where we have to dive a bit deeper, and look at some of the causes Dr. Lynch and his team supports, all without tearing up. That part was hard to do, as we watched some very powerful videos about orphanages in Africa as well as local news reports on the impact of the opioid crisis right here in our on backyard.

In Africa, for instance, one of these places is Neema House.  In short, Neema House is an interim care home that was built to serve orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children ages 0-5 in the Geita Region. It was opened in Geita Town in June 2013 and was initially set up to serve up to 20 children at a time. Since then, Neema House has expanded its facilities to include separate baby and toddler homes, thus increasing capacity and improving quality of care, as well as developing a classroom space for the children as well as an outdoor classroom space for community outreach trainings. Neema House is the only home in the Geita Region serving children under the age of four.

This is just one of many organizations Paul and his team are trying to help on the African continent.

Much closer to home, WorldPix helps several local Arizona organizations as well. One that really had us choked up was the presentation for Chandler I AM. Odd name, maybe, until you learn the backstory and how opioid addiction has ripped through our community and has tested the faith of so many families…you soon won’t care about the name, only what it stand for.

As we sat there, ate, chatted, marveled at the photos and videos—we knew that by supporting WorldPix by sponsoring the event and helping them out with very competitive printing, we too made a small difference.

Q&A with Dr. Paul Lynch

01: Dr. Lynch: How did you first discover Artisan Colour, Inc.?

After a couple of years of trying to find a local print shop who we could work with, one of our affiliates found ArtisanHD online and realized they were the best in the industry AND they were right down the road from us – it was a match made in heaven!

02: Other then being a local printer, what else attracted you to use our services?

After we realized ArtisanHD was just down the road from us, myself and Ryan Plakonouris met with Mike Goldner and took a tour of the facility. We were amazed at the scale of the operation but further at the personal touch and care each client received. We knew then ArtisanHD was the best printing company we could align with.

03: You have been at this for several years now. Do you have a ball-park amount of money you and your team have raised?

Since myself and Ryan Plakonouris founded WorldPix in 2015, we’ve raised over 200k to help people in need.

04: Speaking of team, there are several Key players / contributors. Care to give a shout-out ?

None of the contributions we make would have been possible without the help of our team. Carly Bryant helps with our Corporate Sales. Steve Sliker manages our website and online sales. Delphie Ellis is our social media and blog content manager. Robert Rose is our glue guy who helps with any and everything as needed.


WorldPix: A Great Photo Gift Idea That Keeps on Giving

And while not all of us can afford to go on photo-safari, or to start a grassroots campaign like Paul did, we can do out small part. So, this holiday season, maybe consider giving WorldPix as a gift? A gift that helps others too! Its super easy, and you can choose where your support and money goes.

With the holidays coming up, making this a gift is double special. Not only are you purchasing a professionally made print, but you get the benefit of knowing that your money is making a difference!

To learn more, visit WorldPix and get ready to buy some art with meaning & purpose.