ArtisanHD has long been known as an expert printing team and for supporting extraordinary artists.  That’s why we’ve decided to do interviews with artists.  This allows you to take a look at the diversity of work, and of the artists themselves. We try to showcase a the artist’s life and vision, and we believe their art is as unique as the artist.

In this Highlight: Custom Fine Art Photography by a Nigerian Artist, Gabriel Olude.

Gabriel Olude has a deep passion for fine art photography.  His love for his art is as deep and endless as the oceans. Coming from a family of photographers – including his dad and his uncles – it was inevitable that Gabriel Olude would choose that same profession. Gabriel loves to share his knowledge, his vision, and his experience with his students.

An Interview with Gabriel Olude, Custom Fine Art Photographer

How did you get started as a visual/digital artist?

I  was initially trained as a photographer by a great Nigerian photographer (Don Barber) who has trained hundreds of very successful photographers in Nigeria. I then took the complete Photography course offered by New York Institute of Photography via correspondence.

After a few years I enrolled in the Photoshop Artistry and Awake Fine Art Photography Courses offered by Sebastian Michaels. This is what evolved me into a Photo Artist or what you might refer to as a Digital Artist.

The ability to create interesting photography with the use of Photoshop has set my art apart from quite a number of my colleagues, who are fantastic conventional photographers.

How have your photography and digital art skills helped you on your path?

These skills have accorded me international acclaim. My art has been featured in international magazines, most recently exhibited in India, and is currently being showcased in another exhibition in Italy.

custom fine art photography showcased by Gabriel Olude

What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

Sebastian Michaels (who created the Photoshop courses) is my biggest inspiration. He is an inspirational coach & mentor and because of his courses, my art has evolved in many ways I couldn’t ever have imagined.

custom fine art photography collaborationWhat is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

Right now, my favorite project is the Gabriel Collaboration where I collaborate with 50 international artists and photographers to create art.

It’s an incredible experience.

We love Gabriel’s passion for his country and culture, which is evident throughout his work. His custom fine art photography is unique, and becomes even more so through his collaboration with other digital artists. Check out more of his work below.

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