Krista Droop Studios custom fine art printsBased in the Midwest, Krista Droop works as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and artist while managing social media campaigns for other small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her fine art prints for sale are unique, and she works very hard to market her work. Her photos and artwork have been published in Living The Photo Artistic Life, Better Homes & Garden, Hobby Farms, Dog World, and many other publications.

“Being an artist is in my DNA. There is a burning desire always to be creating, whether it’s with my hands, camera or computer. The tools and techniques may change but the desire to create remains.”

Krista Droop – Fine Art Prints

You describe yourself as a “mixed multimedia artist, photographer, and graphic designer.” How have all of these skills helped you on your path to being a digital artist?

Digital Art became the next step in the evolution of my journey; creating fine art out of my photographs. My continued profession as a commercial photographer and graphic designer is ever-changing. Technology advances so quickly nowadays, it can be challenging to keep up. 

I think each contributed significantly over the years in different ways through the process of becoming a “digital artist.” As a visual artist, combining the various skill sets required to enhance each element empowers me to tell a unique story with all the ‘little details’ in every part of my workI also have a degree in Interior Design, so I’m quite fond of patterns, textures, and textiles. I use other sites for selling clothing and home decor products and accessories. At times, having such a diverse background has detoured me from the “inch wide mile deep” focus required to reach some of my lofty goals, yet I wouldn’t trade my artistic journey for anything.

Fine art prints for Sale by Krista Droop

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What/Who is your biggest inspiration?

ARTIST: Wassily Kandinsky, LeRoy Neiman, Ron Burns & Peter Max. Love the colors & textures used in their art. Kandinsky art for me is a chaotic mess of organized brilliant colors! His integration of graphics – lines, objects, and other elements to create rhythm within his pieces is just amazing and fun to look at every single time.

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Helmut Newton, Edward Steichen, Ansel Adams, Michaels Stokes & of course Annie Leibovitz. It would take another blog post to give them each the credit they deserve. Newton & Stokes – Masters of Light & use of Erotica. Adams – Quintessential Black & White Nature. Steichen – Classic & Natural yet experimental. Leibovitz – Visual Storyteller.

OBJECTS: Architecture, Textures, Found Objects, Industrial, Natural Elements and the Juxtaposition of each of them.

What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

I have enjoyed many throughout the years, yet find some of my favorites lately are emerging from the work I create as an artist in KAIZEN. Based on one of my favorite books is ‘Where The Red Fern Grows.’ Art through storytelling is always my end goal. I created the piece of art with over 20 original photos spanning six states. 

An existing professional niche in dog photography has brought this particular project full circle as an adult, since I read the book years ago in grade school. The story remained close to my heart and while researching, reminded me of the spiritual bonds we have not just as human beings but with everything around us.

book cover custom fine art prints

If even for a brief moment, I can take individuals who view and experience my art out of their reality to feel the emotion or excitement of a piece, then I have accomplished my goal.

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