Each artist is as unique as their art, and today we highlight the work of visual and digital artist Christophe Peeters, a native of Belgium who currently resides in Spain. His work is striking, and we’re always excited to see what his next creation is.

Peeters Projects – Visual and Digital Artist

How did you get started as a visual/digital artist?

Digital Artist Peeters Projects from Spain

I was always attracted to and interested in the ‘visual’. Reading is just not my thing, though I do write poetry. I can’t paint or draw very well, and some time ago a dear friend of mine showed me some of her digital compositions and I had that ‘aha’ moment. As an engineer I’m quite technical, plus I have a wild imagination and thought that’s it, I can combine my technical skills with my imagination and create works of art. This is what I want to do. She introduced me to the trainings of Sebastian Michaels and I got totally addicted to it. I spent a lot of time learning from his mastership and got more and more inspired and started creating and creating.   

What’s your biggest inspiration for your art?

Peeters Projects digital artist example

Anything can inspire me but I do enjoy traveling. Not some cruise or in a holiday resort, no, I like adventure. I’ve been to Iceland, Scotland and 2 years ago I did the complete Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles on motorbikes. What a trip! I even made a dedicated FB page for it. Amazing.

Do you have a good artist community in Spain, or do you rely on online collaboration?

Where I live in Alicante things are moving on a cultural level. Of course Madrid and Barcelona are more advanced but we’re getting there. I’m also the president of a photo club called LightBox and we organize some interesting trips, training, and photo challenges.

How do you sell your art? Online? In galleries?

Peeters Projects visual artist

For the moment I’m only selling on ArtBoja as it was promoted by Sebastian, but I’m moving to a new place next week with lots of space where I can exhibit my work and hopefully sell some. I get more and more offers from people to make creations for their homes. Last week I did a collection for a museum in Alicante as they wanted something different.

What is your favorite project/piece of art that you’ve worked on?

My absolute favorite is still ‘Spooked’. It had so much positive feedback and I have a large printout in aluminium on my living room wall. It’s my dear partner walking down a corridor of this very spooky hotel in Fortuna. Totally surreal. It was quite simple to create and I’ve made a video on how I did it, but the simple things often work best.

A Unique ArtBoja Digital Artist

 How did you find out about ArtBoja?

Peeters Projects visual artist

Sebastian Michaels, my source of inspiration. And as he promised, it did change my life.

As an international contributor, what’s your favorite thing about ArtBoja?

It’s quite easy to put up a shop and set prices. I hope it will get more well-known in Spain and the rest of Europe also.

Can you tell us a little about iPhoneography?

iPhoneography is one of my favourites as you can create anytime and anywhere. I did an online course by Nicki Fitzgerald and it was a real eye opener. As I have my iPhone with me all the time I use it basically as my main eye extension and make compositions, mixing different applications on my phone or tablet. It’s just amazing. I’m testing new stuff all the time and publish my work on Instagram. And you know what? The simpler, the more appreciated. And I do have a preference for black and white creations.

To see more Peeters Projects, visit his Facebook Page, or Instagram.

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