Art is such a powerful medium that it has the potential to not just touch people, but also connect them. At ArtisanHD, we’re thrilled when we can step outside the box of traditional printing services to have any part in connecting our clients, artists, and worthy causes. It’s all for the greater good!

Never think for a minute people don’t take notice of your art and what you’re doing.
-Dean Hohn in Artists Down Under Magazine

Printing Services Partner in Action

We instantly took note of artist Dean Hohn’s work. Dean uses nature as an inspiration for his colorful, abstract Photo Artistry. He focuses mostly on rock art, seascapes and floral, and injects his local Tasmania, Australia perspective.

Dean doesn’t just create brilliant imagery – he’s doing it with a pristine purpose in mind. He works with the Care for Africa Foundation to raise funds for drilling fresh water wells. In fact, he donates all of the proceeds from his Art Providing Water portfolio to the cause. The striking images and purpose made us think of – an organization that strives to “help impoverished nations around the world by capturing their beauty through photographic images.” Just like Dean, they then turn over the profits of images to causes within the respective countries. So we naturally connected Dean Hohn to Paul Lynch,  founder of What a perfect match!

Art that Connects and Supports

Printing Services Partner ArtisanHD Connects Artist with Cause

Since the connection more than a year ago, Dean Hohn has joined as a member. He describes the connection experience in a recent article in Down Under Magazine, and even thanks his printing services partner in crime, ArtisanHD, for passing his name along. For Dean, it’s all about being part of team of photographers from across the globe, who all work with the same goal of helping those in need. He loves that each photographer has his or her own cause, but that they come together to promote and support each other.

Once again, art finds a way to reach, teach, connect and support! For more information or if you have specific questions, contact us!