There are many options for photo paper prints and finishes to choose from. The “best” will depend on what you’re trying to get printed and how you plan to use it. While it’s difficult to see the nuances in photo papers through your screen, you can still learn the basics of selecting the ideal photo paper for your print. We’ll dig into the most popular photo papers, the best applications, and additional considerations you should know.

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Why Choose Inkjet Photo Paper Over Wet Lab Photos?

Inkjet photo printing has several advantages over traditional photo printing, which uses environmentally unfriendly chemical baths and light exposure.

  • Versatility: Inkjet printers and photo papers allow for a variety of finishes and textured options.
  • Cost-Effective: After the initial cost of equipment, the cost per print is significantly cheaper.
  • Quality: Modern inkjet printers and photo papers can produce high-quality prints with excellent color accuracy.

While Inkjet photo prints can produce the the widest variety of quality photos at a decent price, this all depends on the quality of the Inkjet printer being used. Cheaper inkjet printers used for consumer-grade or discount printers don’t produce the best possible prints. Regardless of your photo paper, always work with a printer with the newest inkjet printer technology.

Best Types & Applications of Inkjet Photo Papers

If you’ve never experimented with different photo papers, it’s hard to know which types of prints look best on each type of paper. At Artisan HD, we use the most advanced inkjet printers and provide three distinct inkjet photo papers to choose from. Let’s explore the most popular applications and types of photo papers that may work for the job.

Best Landscape, Travel, and Gallery Photo Paper: ImageTech Photo Gloss

ImageTech Photo gloss

  • Most popular (good for most applications)
  • High-gloss finish
  • Vibrant colors
  • Deep blacks
  • Good for sharp details

ImageTech Photo Gloss is our top-selling photo media for a reason. Its high gloss finish adds depth and richness to any image, making it look almost 3D. ImageTech Photo Gloss is known for its color integrity and can bring out the best color range. This type of paper works best with darker images.

Best Fine Art, Landscape, and Architectural Photo Paper: Austin Jet Silver Paper

Austin Jet Silver Paper Print

  • Glossy with metallic/pearlescent sheen
  • Adds a sense of depth
  • Elegant look
  • Good for black and white

Austin Jet Silver Paper is our most contemporary option, offering stunning impact and depth. This type of paper has a glossy finish and pearlescent metallic appearance. This photo paper uses a special blend of layers, which results in striking, three-dimensional images on a bright silverish background.

Best Framed Prints, Stills, and Portrait Photo Paper: Cannon Matte

Fuji Matte HD photo paper

  • No gloss, no glare
  • Smooth matte surface
  • Rich muted colors
  • Good for framing

Our Canon Matte paper is smooth to the touch and has no sheen, meaning reflection and shine will be minimal. Images will have color depth on a slightly textured, matte surface. Canon Matte has an extremely accurate color reproduction range and helps create unique, impressive images. Matte paper is good for fine art prints, as it is not as contrasty as glossy photo paper. This creates subtle images with no glare.

Finishing Options

Protect the best photo paper for your image with an additional layer of protection. ArtisanHD offers a print lamination for ImageTech Photo Gloss and Austin Jet Silver Paper. This additional layer of laminate adds protection to your first surface mounting. It’s not available on Canon Matte due to surface texture.

Request an HD Photo Paper Sample Kit

Still can’t decide on the best type of photo paper for your image? Request an HD photo paper sample kit of all three HD photo paper options available from ArtisanHD.

If you have any questions we didn’t answer, feel free to contact our printing expert, Mike. Email, or call 1-877-948-0009.