Order a custom print in the perfect fit sizeUnlike many photo online ordering sites, at ArtisanHD we do not force you to order from a list of “standard” sizes. Aspect ratios and cropping have been an issue since the film days. A 16 x 20 has always cropped from a 35mm piece of film, and now with the addition of various aspect ratios from different digital camera manufacturers, it can make the ordering process even more complex. A 15″ x 20″ may actually be the best fit for your file. One of the best features about our ordering system is that it automatically analyzes the file you have uploaded and will suggest sizes that are a Perfect Fit (No Cropping). In the same drop down menu it will also give you a list of other options with a Close Fit (Minor Crop), as well as More Sizes where you may find the more ‘standard’ print size options. If any cropping applies to the image, it will clearly show on screen where it will cut off and what part may be lost by choosing that size.

Custom Print is a Perfect Fit

Photo courtesy of Kim Freeman Photography

What if you do not see the size print you want on any of those lists? It doesn’t mean you’ve reached a dead end and are forced to pick from one of those options. Oh no, my friend! There are hundreds combinations and choices, just a click away. See that link above the size drop down that says Specify Custom Size? If you click on that, a whole new screen will appear. There you can designate just about any size you want. There are some restrictions on minimum and maximum size, and it will notify you if you have selected something that is not possible. You can leave the box checked that maintains the aspect ratio of your file, so it will calculate your print size based on the first dimension you enter in to the height or width. Or un-check that box and put in whatever size you want. Again, it will calculate any cropping necessary and show it to you on screen. Make sure to pay attention to the Quality Scale. If you picked a size that is larger than your file will allow for a good print that bar will dip in to orange. If it falls below what we would recommend to print at that size a warning will appear, and it a smaller print size is suggested.

We have put these options in place to ensure you get the print you want every time!