With a 3-day weekend full of parades, memorials, concerts, and possibly beach vacations, amateur and professional photographers have plenty of time to practice their art. Whether it’s in remembrance or celebration, capture some great memories! Here are some Memorial Day Weekend photo ideas, in case you want to get out your camera.


Everyone loves a good parade! On Memorial Day, parades are held to honor past and present members of service, and to teach children what it means to serve others. If you have a child, grandchild, spouse, or friend walking/riding/dancing down Main Street, you’ll want to arrive early. Find a spot with a simple background (preferable in the shade), and bring a telephoto lens to highlight your subject. A folding chair would be helpful if you don’t feel like standing the entire time. And if you can, know the order of floats/cars and what the floats look like leading up to your subject. You’ll most likely only have a few seconds to shoot your images, so make them count!

Thank a Veteran

If you have a gravesite to decorate on Memorial Day, capture some images to honor our fallen soldiers. Remind children why we decorate graves on Memorial Day, and have them help pick out the items for your memorial. Something as simple as a headstone surrounded by an American flag and a few flowers makes a huge difference. Capture an image of your child showing respect and remembering those who have served our country, especially family members.

Great Memorial Day Weekend Photo Ideas are Family Fun

Whether your family heads to the beach for the weekend or just takes a quick picnic or trip to the pool, celebrate summer by grabbing some shots of kids and adults having a great time. Have your family dress in red, white, and blue, and remind your children that this isn’t just a day off for fun, but also for remembrance.

We hope this list has given you some inspiration for your Memorial Day Weekend photo ideas. However you decide to celebrate, the staff at Artisan wishes you a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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