Multi-paneled displays and print clusters are a creative way to present a custom wall design while covering a larger wall area.

three panels for a custom wall design

Triptychs Create a Truly Custom Wall Design

The most common form of multi-paneled displays are triptychs – three panels that are hung in succession. Using one image broken up in to three pieces creates a unique effect. This look works well with pieces that are free floating and not matted and framed. The images being flush to the edge help unify the panels as one installation and your eye will fill in the negative space between each panel. Canvas gallery wraps, direct to board, and flush mounted prints work well for this type of presentation. The image seen here is designed to emulate the view out of a rocket ship window for a space-themed kid’s bedroom.

Mix Things Up to Create Your Own Style

Of course, there is no rule that says there should always be three panels. A row of five images, or a square grid of four or even the power of nine can make a dramatic impression.

Print clusters are another take on multi-paneled displays. This is where you use different sized images arranged together in a cluster grouping. For this type of display,you can use different images that have a continuity or a theme. Think about black and white prints, family photos, or a grouping of images that will accent the room. One way to add extra interest in this type of display is to hang the prints at different depths and overlapping each other. The added depth and texture work together to make the pieces create a custom wall design that starts to take on a sculptural feel.

Make a triptych or multi-paneled display the focal point of your room. Use ArtisanHD materials as your guide and let your imagination run!