You don’t need to be a professional photographer to take amazing photographs! When you take that special shot and you want to remind yourself of your talents, print your masterpiece and put it on display. Choosing which product to bring your photograph to life can be difficult, especially if you’ve never seen the product before. Let us recommend taking the plunge and trying our brushed aluminum Dibond. A little hesitant to print on metal? Take it from first-time customer Bill King, who recently unveiled one of his very own aerial photos printed directly to Dibond.

“I was somewhat nervous to invest money into a product I’ve never seen in person, but when the package arrived and was opened, I was stunned!”  
-Bill King

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Is brushed aluminum Dibond right for you?

Brushed Aluminum Dibond Video Image

Dibond may not work for everyone, but in Bill King’s case, it was the perfect choice. As an aerial photographer, many of his photos havevibrant colors that normal prints will dull down. Since he chose Dibond for his print, those vibrant colors came to life, and the brushed aluminum brought out an additional shine. As seen in the video, the metallic components of the Dibond compliment the photo wonderfully. The sunset seems to shimmer and the lights appear to glow.

If you have a photograph with vibrant colors and you’re looking for a way to keep them sharp, brushed aluminum Dibond is an excellent alternative to traditional printing. The metal finish also gives your photo an unsurpassed durability. More traditional photo printing options are at risk for damage over time, but Dibond offers high resistance to weathering and corrosion. If these features are right for your image, and you want to have the same ecstatic reaction as Bill King when your print arrives, then Dibond is right for you.

From Professional Printing to Decorating

Once you have your metallic photo, deciding where to place it is the next step. Bill King first came to ArtisanHD because he had always wanted to display one of his photos in his home. He was nervous when ordering and receiving the product, but was stunned with the results. Now all he has to do is decide where to display his masterpiece. Sometimes this step is easier said than done! Finding the perfect place and design to display your custom wall art can be a challenge, but keep it simple. Edit your collection to display the highlights. And don’t feel like you need massive prints covering every inch of every wall. Some white space – or wall space – is a good thing! 

Above all, be proud of your work and don’t be afraid to show it off like Bill King! Visit to check out our brushed aluminum Dibond and other professional printing options.