When you think of extra large prints, you probably assume that they are for businesses and artists – not for the average consumer. Or you don’t think of them at all. While banners and large prints are great for point of sale, signage, and retail in general, they definitely have a place in home or office design, too. From your dining room to a museum gallery, here are three extra large ideas for professional printing.

1. Extra Large Prints as Wallpaper

Instead of painting an accent wall, stenciling a pattern, or pasting wallpaper strips, consider one of your favorite photographs or art prints as wallpaper. So stunning and unexpected, this will be a room that wows guests while taking you back to a memory and surrounding you with warmth. Or surround yourself in your favorite place, be it a cabin in the woods or a sandy beach. Taking in a natural image can actually reduce stress levels, too!

Wallpaper prints are great for living rooms, dining rooms, man caves, kids’ rooms – anywhere that could use a jolt of personality.

2. Replace Furniture and Traditional Wall Art

Extra large prints and banners really help you to think outside the box when it comes to interior design and your personal style. Consider a print as a vinyl headboard or accent wall. Instead of a collage of family pictures all in frames, create one massive print that incorporates multiple memories. And use your furniture to complement the imagery with similar colors, themes, and placement that highlights the massive work of art.

5. Memorialize

In the case of ArtisanHD client Grand Canyon University, large format printing was used to create a huge banner, recently installed at the Jerry Colangelo Museum. What an impressive way to pay homage to a legend! The 17 foot high and 36 foot wide vinyl banner took one full day to install, but the aluminum tension frame and extrusion will make any future updates much easier. Watch the Artisans in action in this banner installation timelapse video:

Are your creative ideas flowing yet? Time to take those design and decorating ideas to new lengths and heights! What will you create with extra large prints and Artisan experts at your fingertips?