Long gone are the days of printing your pictures at the local pharmacy and picking up posters of your favorite art at the mall. Print shops like ArtisanHD offer an ever-increasing variety of substrates to print on, each bringing out unique qualities of the digital image. Modern metal prints are one of the newest print products to hit the market. When it comes to ChromaLuxe versus Duraluxe, what’s the difference between these two modern mediums?

How Modern Metal Prints Are Made

Both ChromaLuxe and Duraluxe start with aluminum metal panels. And they both use a dye-sublimation process, which uses special ink printed on paper, then transferred to the metal using heat. This makes the prints inherently resistant to scratches and other mishaps.

What initially sets ChromaLuxe apart is the color and quality of the aluminum. ChromaLuxe panels are white and thus soak up the ink during sublimation to show off highly saturated, brilliant colors. Duraluxe panels are 1.2mm thick and depending on the printer, usually printed in standard pre-cut sizes starting at 3” x 8” and up to about 60″ x 40″.

At ArtisanHD, ChromaLuxe sizes can also go as large at 8′ x 4′ (96″x48″ Full size panel), and with our high-speed, Swiss-made,  ZUND router it means we can cut panels to any size and even in shapes.

Customization continues when it comes to the finishes. With ChromaLuxe metal prints, finishing options include glossy and matte. With Duraluxe, finishing options also feature textures and glow in the dark. (Not often utilized in the Fine Art Market – these are more for commercial applications).

When It Needs to Be Durable, It Needs to Be Metal

ChromaLuxe Metal Print by Samantha Rafflecopter WinnerChromaLuxe is one of the most durable substrates on the market, lasting up to 65 years indoors! Although these prints can withstand the outdoor elements temporarily, such as for an art festival or short outdoor gallery, they are not meant for permanent display (although new exterior products are in the works).

As its name indicates, Duraluxe is also very durable. It does promote itself as an exterior product, but only for up to five years. And the metal substrate can actually be bent after sublimation. This could be a pro if you’re looking to create a standing display, but a con if the print is not transported, packed, or installed with care.

Both metal prints are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and offer UV protection. ChromaLuxe also boasts fire resistancy.

Not only are these modern metal prints stunning to look at, they are functional, too. The sublimation process and metal substrate make cleaning and even disinfecting easy. Prints are resistant to moisture and chemicals, ideal for office and even medical environments.

ChromaLuxe versus Duraluxe: The Verdict

For superior quality and color vibrancy, there really is no comparison to ChromaLuxe. If you are looking to order dye-sublimation metal prints from ArtisanHD, ChromaLuxe is the only option because it is simply the best HD aluminum product on the market today.

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