Art is all about the journey, whether it’s sculpture, oil painting, or fine art photography. Award-winning landscape photographer. Max Foster confirms his goal is to transport all who see his work.

Max Foster ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador

“If I can capture images that people connect with, remind them of a fond memory, or inspire them to create new experiences, then I’ve done my job!”

The owner of the online gallery, Max Foster Photography, takes an additional step in his creative process to create an enthralling, near-spiritual experience, “I believe that previsualizing images and the feelings you want to convey is essential.”

For Max Foster, Home Was Where The Journeys Began

A Minnesota native, Max grew up in the central part of the state where the scenery was less than dramatic, and photography was far from his mind. In his late twenties, he had the opportunity to travel.

Kauai Pool by Max Foster

Kauai Pool

Like many travelers, he took photographs and was let down by the images, “My disappointment was the catalyst to my becoming a photographer and what inspired me to learn about artistic photography.”

Max’s career began documenting memories, times, and places. It was all about sharing photographs that he’d be proud to say that he’d taken. But, he soon found that more excitement awaited.

New Adventures

As time went on, he began exploring long exposures, shooting at twilight, and using different tools to see how he could improve the quality of his images. “These first forays into the artistic side of creating images are what opened my eyes to the vast world of photography,” Max said. The turning point came when he began planning trips around the photographs.

Max has taken a 50,000=mile tour of the United States, and most of his “frequent flyer miles” have been to wilderness and mountain destinations.

“I enjoy the physical pursuits of wilderness photography,” explains Max. “You spend several days in the backcountry working hard for every shot, it gives you a special appreciation for not only the resulting images but also mother nature.”

Gates of the Arctic

The Citadel by Fine Art Photographer Max Foster

True North, Gates of the Arctic National Park, Alaska

Ironically, the least visited U.S. national park is where Max experienced other-worldly magic. The Gates of the Arctic National Park in Northern Alaska has no infrastructure, roads, or trails and it’s known to rain for weeks at a time.

Max and his wife and business partner, Amy worked hard to plan the trip during the Pandemic. “We had to rebook each leg of the journey several times – and we set low expectations for capturing images during the unpredictable weather,” said Max. “Our expectations were exceeded in every way – I came away with a dozen portfolio images and a newfound love for Alaska!”

The Hills Are Alive by Max Foster

The Hills Are Alive by Max Foster

Quality Matters

Creating the level of immersion that Max Foster Photography requires is no easy feat. A quality print must accurately reproduce colors, contrasts, sharpness, and luminosity. And the materials must be made to last and finished with care.

“A quality photo print can transport a viewer into the scene and give them a feeling of being immersed in nature,” said Max. “I’ve worked with several labs around the USA and ArtisanHD stood out as a company that consistently produces the best quality prints.”

Heading West

Heading West by Max Foster

Max has experienced an amazing level of customer service, “With ArtisanHD, I have a partner in the printing world I can trust and rely on.”

Back to Nature and The Future with Max Foster

When it comes to his photography business and practice, Max expects more of the same.

“Nature is what inspires me, and I am constantly dreaming of the next destination. I will continue to explore new places and revisit old favorites. I’m also looking forward to international travel again after the long pandemic lockdown!”

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