Before you order your custom canvas print, you’ll need to figure out the right size. With so many options available, this can be a bit overwhelming! However, with a few key factors in mind and some simple planning, you’ll be able to choose the perfect size for your needs.

Finding the Best Size in 5 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Get Your Measurements

Start by taking some measurements of the area where you’re planning to hang your print. According to the “golden rule” of home décor, it’s best to try to fill about 2/3 to 3/4 of your available wall space. When in doubt, it’s always safer to err on the larger side!

Step 2: Do Some Rough Math

After you’ve taken measurements of the width and height of your wall space, multiply both numbers by .60 and .75. This will give you a good range of canvas sizes that will fit nicely on your wall. Some of the most popular options include 8×10 canvas prints, followed by 12×18, 18×24, 24×36, and 30×40.

Step 3: Choose Between One or More Pictures

Once you have a section of your wall in mind, you can decide whether you want to fill it with one or multiple pictures. One large canvas can have a striking, dramatic effect, while hanging multiple smaller prints gives your wall an “art gallery” feel.

Step 4: Sketch it Out

To get an idea of how various canvas print sizes might look on your wall, create a simple sketch of the layout. A great way to help you visualize the right print size for your space is to outline different dimensions using sticky notes, painter’s tape, or paper.

Step 5: Hang it Up

Once you’ve chosen the right canvas size, placed your order, and received your custom print(s), it’s time to hang them! Check out this blog post for some helpful tips for mounting your artwork.

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Factors in Choosing the Best Size:

Image Detail

The amount of detail has a lot to do with the best image size for canvas prints. Take some time to go over the various details of your image. How intricate is the design? How many colors does it feature? When it comes time to upload your image to our website, our Customizer Tool will let you know if your image will print with good quality at the size and scale you’ve chosen.


Another important factor to note is what the application for the print will be. For example, if you’re planning on selling professional art prints, you’ll most likely want to opt for one of the more popular sizes (small, medium, or large). If the prints are for corporate use, you’ll want to run the numbers for your budget to help you decide between one large print or several smaller ones. Lastly, if you’re creating a canvas print for personal use, you’ll need to determine which size will fit best on your wall space.

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The Wall Where Your Print is Being Hung

To gauge how your canvas print will look on the wall, you’ll need to consider the size and space of the room, the wall where the print will be hung, as well as the orientation of the picture itself.

Remember to consider canvas thickness in your design too! For example, one of the most universally popular options for home décor is the standard .75 inch thick canvas print, while a larger 2 inch thick canvas can really make a statement!

For more information check out our Custom Canvas Prints page.

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