‘Tis the season for graduation! Almost all of us know someone who is graduating this May, whether it’s from college or elementary school. No matter the level of education, graduation is a great accomplishment. Make sure you get some creative, well-composed photos that your graduate can enjoy for years to come! Here are a few graduation photo tips to help capture memories of your graduate’s big day.

Location Scouting

ceremony graduation photo tipsDo you know where the graduation ceremony or party will be? Scout the location ahead of time to figure out the best lighting and angles for your photos. Make sure you go at the time the event will be held, so you know exactly how the light will look!


Graduation Photo Tips Includes Accessorizing

Does your graduate want to show off their personality? Of course, they do! Even if your subject is drowning in a graduation cap and gown, suggest that they add some personalized flair to their outfit to stand out from the crowd and make their photos even more unique. For women, this could be some shiny jewelry, bright shoes, or hair accessories. For men, think about some unique dress shoes or a new watch. If it’s allowed, encourage them to decorate their cap! Pose your grad with their friends for a great memory. And don’t forget to catch the cap toss!

cap graduation photo tips

As a basic rule, remind your subjects that solid colors always photograph best, and big logos are distracting. If you’ll be in a wooded or grassy area, tell your subjects to avoid wearing green.

If you’re photographing a graduation party, you have much more room for creativity. Accessories are a great idea in this situation.  Boys could throw on a hat, vest, or suspenders, while girls can play around with headbands, hats, or bows. If the subject is involved in a sport, make sure they have some props around. And one of the best ideas for friend photos is a do-it-yourself photo booth. Provide funny mustaches, hats, crowns, and other props for kids to get goofy and show off their personalities.

If you want to create a whole graduation album, don’t forget to photograph the invitation, cake, and venue.

We hope you get inspired by these graduation photo tips!

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