If you travel in digital photography circles, you’ve likely heard the name Marc Levoy. Levoy has been instrumental in the innovation and development of digital imaging which has led to huge advances in professional printing, advertising and graphic design.

Digital Photography Education Now Available for Everyone!

Lectures on Digital Photography: How camera work, and how to take good pictures using them Up until 2014, Levoy taught digital photography at Stanford University. He moved on to teach and give lectures on the topic to companies like Google and now he’s offering it to the photography masses via an online portal. And it’s completely free.

Equally as good as it being free, it’s geared toward everyone – from true digital photography beginners to consummate professional photographers just looking for a refresh or to learn a few new tricks.

This isn’t your basic online photography course! Marc Levoy’s digital photography course includes hours of lecture videos during his time while teaching at Google. There are also web-based apps to help students comprehend the technical basics and photography concepts, especially for those of us who are decidedly less technical. Homework is even assigned to help drive home the techniques and put your new knowledge into action.

Course Highlights Worth Mentioning

Here’s a few highlights from Lectures on Digital Photography: How camera work, and how to take good pictures using them:

  • What’s inside a camera? Levoy actually dissembles a camera during the lecture to show and explain the parts, down to the last screw.
  • You’ve heard of depth of field and depth of focus, but do you know the formula for it? Now you will!
  • Learn how to achieve the perfectly lit HDR photograph, just begging for large format photography printing.
  • You can’t be part of the photography future if you don’t know your history. Explore iconic photographers, their work and their influence on current photographers. Discover the evolution from film to digital photography.
  • Color theory applies to photography, and now you’ll know why and how.
  • Filters, lenses, converters, flashes – what they do and which to use to achieve a specific result.

Marc Levoy’s course series is definitely worth your time if you’re interested in honing your digital photography skills! Where else can you get an Ivy League education on how to take beautiful digital photos for free!?

If you’d rather just skip to the video lectures, you can binge watch all 18 lecture videos on Levoy’s YouTube lecture playlist.

Ready… Set… Click, Capture & Print!

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