Tyson Crosbie was recently interviewed by MyArtSpace, a premier site dedicated to contemporary art and artisans. Tyson reveals some of the motivations behind why he became a fine art photographer, his influences, and his process. He also provides some great insight on the power and potential pitfalls associated with online marketing for artists. Below is a sampling of the interview.

#3 of Tyson’s Phoenix 20 series


Art Space Talk: Tyson Crosbie

BS: Tell us more about the thoughts behind your work. For example, do you adhere to a specific school of psychology or philosophy as far as your practice is concerned?

TC: Nearly ten years is not enough time to develop any clear understanding of the meaning of anything. I am not so sure I’ll ever reach any clear understanding, I can speak to where I am now.

I view my work as an evolution, the most important image I’ve ever made is the next one. It is my goal to create a lifetime body of work that evolves as I do that is recognizable visually as a journey of a life. The first abstracts that I took in school were exercises in composition and theory. What I call the Mexico series was when I became self aware as an artist. Following that the early work is when my language really starts to develop and refine. My most recent work is confined by rules and language and far more complex and yet the subtleties of information that I can contain in the imagery fascinates me.

Of course it is my obsession to observe the world, this ties me to the medium of photography intimately. Still I am drawn to contradictions like; Creating work as a purist, a traditionalist and using digital media. Loving observation and information as a scientist and an artist. Believing that I am solipsistic and an existentialist and an egoist at times.