Jason Youn will have 20 pieces of his landscape photography showcased at Salon 3121 for the entire month of August. The images on display were printed on canvas, and are truly works of art. We were honored to be a part of Jason’s artistic process.

There will be an artist’s reception August 21st at 6:30 PM. Salon 3121 is located at the South West corner of 32nd St. & Lincoln in Phoenix.

A little about me, I began my photographic work in film school. I once thought I wanted to be a movie maker. After working the business for a while I decided it was not for me. I did however come away from motion pictures with a love for still photography. Over time I worked with it as a hobby and took some photo classes in college. Before I knew it people were hiring me for photographic work, and soon photography became my primary work.

My background and training in movies and television influences my work a lot. When I shoot I believe that photo is more just a still frame. It tells a story and conveys emotion. Before the photo was taken something happened to lead up to that moment and after a photo is taken something more will happen that will continue the story. I always strive to capture that story.

In addition to his landscape work, Jason also specializes in weddings, portraits, and school photos.