ArtisanHD is rolling out an all new Brand Ambassador Program with landscape photographer, workshop instructor and writer Suzanne Mathia forging the path!

Suzanne Mathia self photo with Brand ambassador badge holding camera and wearing a cowgirl hat

Landscape Photographer and ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador Suzanne Mathia

The ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador program seeks to partner with industry experts to help get the word out about all that ArtisanHD professional printing can do for other artists and to introduce cutting-edge new products that can add a wow factor to printing digital images (like ChromaLuxe® Dye-Sub). Suzanne is the first ambassador to help us set a high bar by coming on board and we’re both excited to see our exposure & business grow!

Late Blooming Landscape Photographer

Suzanne was inspired to pursue photography from her father, which complemented the artistic eye that she credits to her mother. She loved photography growing up but didn’t take it very seriously until later in life, after her own sons had grown up.

She purchased her first digital camera in 2000, surrounded herself with mentors, books and practice until 2005, and then, after another 5 years of shooting, gave up a well-paid corporate job in 2010 to become a full-time starving artist, ahh, we mean Photographer… :)

Although she was born and raised “amidst the green rolling hills of the English countryside,” she is perfectly at home here in the arid desert of the American Southwest. As a landscape photographer at heart, her digital images capture the diversity of this unique environment; from waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, autumn leaves and desert sands. She loves to take advantage of the “magic hour light” just before the sun rises and right before it sets.

“I love to challenge the ruggedness of the land, the great distances to be traveled, and intense weather conditions to capture images of Arizona and the Southwest that expose its many treasures and extremes.”
-Suzanne Mathis, Landscape Photographer and ArtisanHD Ambassador

A Professional Photographer’s Tools of the Trade

While Suzanne’s creativity and unique perspective come from within, every artist needs the right tools. As a landscape photographer, Suzanne prefers to use her Canon 5DSr 50 mp full frame camera.

Landscape Photographer Suzanne Mathia taking a photo is partner in ArtisanHD's Ambassador ProgramFor wildlife photography, she opts for her Canon 70D or her old Canon 20D that she converted to infrared. Her stash of Canon lenses range from 11mm to 600mm. She also prefers to keep processing simple to portray the scene as she saw it.

Her favorite scenes to shoot are the desert, dunes and sea. She’s drawn to how sand dunes continually change with the wind, forming ripples, lines, edges, curves and unique patterns that make stunning subjects. She also loves shooting the sea, especially waves in a storm.

“I spend a lot of time on composition, focus and exposure in the field,” Suzanne notes. “I am gratified, however, when all the pieces come together and I haven’t made any grievous errors! When the image portrays exactly what I was seeing and feeling is a success.”

The Photography Student Becomes the Teacher

Sharing her passion with others is also part of Suzanne’s “new” career. As an Adobe Certified Expert in Lightroom and Photoshop, she offers group, private and online classes for photographers seeking to get the best out of their images. She also teaches Landscape Photography and Digital Post Processing for Arizona Highways PhotoScapes, where she actually started as a volunteer in 2010 before being asked to teach in 2013.

Suzanne’s work often graces the pages of Arizona Highways Magazine, National Geographic, Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photographer. You may also see some of her stunning photographs in Arizona Office of Tourism calendars and both corporate and private collections throughout the world.

Because she prints her images and sells them on her website, professional, quality printing is a high priority. She was originally introduced to ArtisanHD at a photography conference and after touring the print shop in Scottsdale, AZ, she quickly began the partnership.

“After seeing the operation and the quality of the prints and the sheer variety of sizes and applications, I began using ArtisanHD,” Suzanne said. “I continue to refer clients and students because of the quality of prints, customer service, individual consultations, one on one collaboration with the printer, craftsmanship and professionalism.”

Artisan Brand Ambassador LOGO FINAL

And this is why Suzanne is our first ArtisanHD Brand Ambassador! No matter how stunning the image, if it’s printed poorly it loses its ability to resonate. We love printing Suzanne’s digital images and look forward to a long-term printing partnership!

Want to join this elite club? Ambassadors get perks! Are you a professional photographer or artist and interested in joining? Then please contact us at to learn more about our incentives and partnership programs.

Check out more of Suzanne Mathia’s work here.