It is always such a treat to be able to work with new artists and get to be a part of local art scene. Lindsay Palmer is an artist, curator and writer living in Tempe, Arizona. Currently, she is the curator of the Shemer Art Center and Museum. She has a show of her photography coming up the first week of January that will run until the end of the month. Start the new year off right and support local artists!

Lindsay Palmer presents a series of large-scale, color photographs in a solo exhibition, Through a Glass… at eye lounge: a contemporary art space, artist-run gallery in downtown Phoenix. Palmer’s work examines the nature of photography, challenging the medium’s perceived ability to represent reality. Her latest body of work juxtaposes objects from popular culture against an idealized portrait of nature, suggesting a collision between material culture and the environment. In the words of the artist “I expose the landscape for what I see it fast becoming: a backdrop for our metropolis”. The exhibition, “Through a Glass…” questions the ethical responsibility of aesthetic appeal.