From Company functions to personalized Wall Hangings:

We often receive custom-order requests from clients that have a very specific image to be used for personalized wall hangings or a “Statement Piece”. In the case of this featured project for Reliant Funding ( we were asked if an existing photo, captured on a new iPhone, could be made into a 40”x60” print.

The CEO of the firm wanted to use this particular shot as it was a sunset he shared with his team during a company function at the beach. Upon closer inspection, we noticed that the setting sun was pretty washed out and the overall resolution was a bit low.

custom large prints for walls

Original File Resolution

Since the customer wanted to emulate a look/style he had seen in high-end art galleries, we had to make sure the image was good enough to print on FujiFlex Crystal Archive Media (see our blog post on “How to print like Peter Lik”).

This particular media has incredible clarity and the widest color gamut in the industry. That’s great if you have a super high-resolution file, but if the digital asset is any less than perfect, it can highlight any pixellating or artifacts in the blink of an eye.

Even if the image looks great on the monitor, we have to be very careful about the overall color composition, contrast, and clarity of the print file.

Connecting all the dots with visual Samples:

After sending a few material samples to them, we were given the green light for production. Our initial efforts were focused on the digital restoration/optimization of the image.

Once the print file was ready, we produced the FujiFlex print on our OCÈ LightJet printer and then started the encapsulation process. The image was laminated in-between two layers of 1/8” acrylic. We used an optically clear, framers-grade acrylic sheet on the front, then added a layer of black acrylic on the back. As you can see, these custom large prints for walls add an amazing pop to any office or home environment.

Strong Finish:

The finishing touch was our custom aluminum museum-back with locking pins.

Like all of our personalized wall hangings, the print was expertly packaged and shipped out in under 10 days from the time we had approval.  To quote our client: “Installation was easier than expected”.

Listening and learning about the needs of our customers is always a core part of our approach at, custom or standard, and we are excited that our product solution and attention to detail allowed us to be part of this special print for the whole team at