This is a very thoughtful piece about the real issue of touchable prints versus screen viewed images. I think both have their place and I like to take funny pictures of myself and send them to my family. To me, that is using the technology as a tool (or toy) and not necessarily capturing a memory, slice of life or art. Choosing the right tool is the best way to go… until they make a 14mB camera with video, interchangeable lenses and sat phone that will fit in my pocket, I will carry a small P&S (8MP – killer lens) for my fun shooting.
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Columns by PC Magazine: Camera Phones Kill Memories: “I’m sorry, but capturing one of life’s highlights with a sub- or- 1-megapixel (even a 2MP) camera phone that offers a teardrop-size lens and a focal length somewhat smaller than the thickness of a fly’s whisker seems like a really bad idea. I’ll concede that camera phones have improved since their introduction nearly six years ago. However, not one of them can hold a candle to the output you get from a $250 midrange, 4- to 5MP point-and-shoot digital camera.”