Undoubtedly, you have seen Apple’s commercials promoting the many applications (apps) you can buy to do a variety of things on the iPhone. What you may not know, is that apps are not just for nifty games and sending digital postcards to your family and friends. There are many apps that can be used to aid the inspiration of photographers and designers.

CreativePro.com highlights some of the apps that could be very useful for creative professionals, who literally take their work with them where ever they go.

There is PhotoCalc by Adair Systems ($2.99) that can tell you whether your setting will give you enough light for your exposure, calculate the depth of field distance limits, and even use the iPhone’s internal GPS controls to tell you the time of sunrise for your location.

Font Shuffle is a free app by FontShop AG that allows you to search by font characteristics from a database of 650 fonts. If you are not happy about the results, simply tap the Shuffle button or shake the iPhone to display alternate choices. Rendering a sample view of the font is fast, and by picking the font of your choice you can immediately start typing with your selection.

Color Expert by Code Line Communications ($9.99) can be handy for color inspiration on the move. There are many options with this application. You can take a picture of something that you may want to use for an upcoming design project, tap the color out of the picture, and Color Expert will dissect the color for you. The interactive color wheel will determine the RGB values, HTML-named colors, and Web-safe palettes, as well as give you options for different color palettes. The application can even tell you the closest Pantone color number, store the color set, or email you as an image attachment with all of the color numeric equivalents for later reference.

CreativePro also highlights some apps that can help in brainstorming, keeping track of your billable hours, and invoicing. Definitely worth checking out.