Want to create custom art prints online, but aren’t sure where to start? At ArtisanHD, you can customize your prints in a variety of different sizes and materials.

The process is fast, easy, and can be done in just 3 simple steps: Upload, Customize, and Checkout! When you create your prints with ArtisanHD, the benefits don’t end at checkout. From start to finish, we’ll work with you to make sure that you get the exact results you want.

Step 1: Upload

The first step to ordering your custom prints online is to upload your images to the website. On the ArtisanHD homepage, you’ll find a section labeled “Upload.” Here, you will find a purple banner that reads “Select Photo.”

Clicking this will open a menu where you can either upload new images or choose one of your previously uploaded photos. To upload a new photo, you can either drag and drop your photos or click to open your file explorer.

Step 2: Customize

Now it’s time to start customizing your print! Once you’ve chosen a photo, you can crop and choose your size. Print sizes can be customized in increments of 1/8”. Once you’ve finished cropping your image, don’t forget to click the SAVE button so you can move on to picking your materials.

In this next step, you’ll find a wide range of materials and finishing options to choose from. For each material choice, you’ll be able to see the price as well as some additional helpful information. Here are a few of the options available for printing on the ArtisanHD website.


Thick-textured canvas prints are a great medium for images of any size or content. These prints can either be hand-stretched over a wooden frame or rolled and can last over 100 years with proper care.

Direct to Board:

Whether it’s the durable Sintra or the lightweight Infinity Board you’re going for, direct-to-board prints are a perfect option for professional presentations, photo displays, or unique signage. These prints provide a professional look without the heavy cost and are easy to hang anywhere.

Watercolor Paper:

Watercolor paper is rough-textured but provides a natural white, matte finish. And thanks to our latest addition, the Canon Colorado Gel Ink Printer enabled with the new FLX finish technology, you can print your images with a beautiful glossy finish or a luxurious matte finish. The unique texture of these prints is ideal for fine art reproductions and is best used for images with loose, bold strokes.

Matte vs Gloss 1 custom art prints online

Glossy vs. Matte finish on Watercolor Paper


When you print your photography or artwork directly onto acrylic plexiglass, you can transform your print into a stunning museum-quality masterpiece. With unmatched image detail and durability, the UV-cured ink can even stand up to outdoor conditions.


Brilliantly colored ChromaLuxe prints provide archival quality, lasting up to 65 years indoors. These durable prints are fire, water, scratch, and fade resistant. As one of the most easy-to-clean options, these prints are the number one choice for hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

dibond Custom Art Prints OnlineDiBond:

DiBond brings a unique brushed aluminum finish and metallic texture, with about half the weight of solid aluminum. This makes these prints a fantastic option for a modern, clean look with exceptional durability. DiBond prints can even be router cut to create unique, sweeping curves or custom shapes.


Acrylic print encapsulations provide gallery-level pieces with total protection, offering high-quality prints ready to be hung in an art gallery, home, or office. These prints are available in acrylic/plexiglass or Trulife non-glare acrylic options.

Custom Cutouts and Triptychs:

Custom cutouts and triptychs allow you to tap into your creativity. For cutouts, you can choose from multiple shapes, including round, oval, heart, or diamond-shaped prints. There are also multiple triptych options, such as narrow, wide, and uneven.

Trustpilot Review customerArtisanHD offers a variety of printing options so that you can find something that works for your space as well as five star customer service and support. Contact us today for a free consultation. support@artisanhd.com

Step 3: Checkout

The final step before checkout is to choose your finishing and mounting options. Choose Full bleed finishes to bring the image to the very edge of the print, or go with the salon version which leaves a 2” clear border. We recommend using museum mounts for most prints, as they have a clean look with no visible hardware. You can also go for Standard mounts to achieve that modern feel with a 2” clear border and 1” stainless steel standoffs.

To help you get a feel for how your custom prints will turn out, we offer a real-time “preview,” which features a backdrop (to compare the size), as well as a simulated texture.

If there are any details missing when you return to your cart, you’ll receive a message in red, letting you know what needs to be added or changed. If not, you can finalize the details and place your order.

How To Get Custom Art Prints Online with ArtisanHD

You can order custom art prints online from ArtisanHD in just 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload your image(s) onto the website.
  2. Customize your prints and choose your desired materials.
  3. Finalize your options and checkout.

Beyond the great quality, there are many benefits to choosing ArtisanHD for your printing needs.dibond Custom Art Prints Online

Why Choose ArtisanHD for Ordering Your Custom Art Prints Online?

With so many different options available at ArtisanHD, we know how difficult it is to choose which medium will work best for your prints. This is why we offer high-quality print samples of our materials. Ordering a sample helps you visualize how your own photography or artwork will look on each medium.

When you order from ArtisanHD, you buy with confidence and enjoy a host of benefits. Our Artisans in Scottsdale, AZ work hard to have a quick turnaround time so that you can get your prints as soon as possible. Your order receives the white glove treatment, including a pre-ship visual inspection to ensure that only high-quality prints leave our shop.

From choosing your material and size, to the moment you receive your prints, ArtisanHD makes it easy to order custom art prints online. No matter which of our print products you choose, you can be confident that you will get the best results possible.